Lenovo Yoga 9i Review & Specs (2022 Ultimate Guide)

After so many advancements in the field of technology nowadays, we are surrounded by gadgets.

The business Laptop is one of the gadgets whose importance can’t be neglected in any profession.

Laptops make our lives easier, more comfortable, and more convenient whether we live in any city or country. that’s why decided to write on Lenovo Yoga 9i Review.

We can communicate with anyone by just sending an e-mail or making a video call.

In this scenario, work laptops are the gadgets that help a lot to do this happen. It is also the primary source of getting people connected through each other.

Long story short, most laptops help us not in one task but in almost every task.

We can use the Laptop for any task, whether related to record-keeping or booking a ticket.

The laptop supports a lot and makes every task easy for us within a short time.

All the laptop manufacturers are focusing on producing powerful laptops with high portability, which is a demand of all the users.

The laptop industry is growing so much that it becomes very hard to select an appropriate laptop according to your requirement because it introduces new laptops daily to fulfill the market’s demand.

Furthermore, Lenovo-a leading digital publisher- has produced many gaming laptops, and the Lenovo legion’s 5 Pro is one of the best laptops we have ever seen.

But here, we show the exceptional features of Lenovo Yoga 9i Gen, which will never let you have a look at any other laptop.

After reading our article, you will make a firm decision to choose the Lenovo Yoga 9i as your Laptop due to its unique specs.

Lenovo Yoga 9i Review

Editors Rating: 4.5/5.0

Lenovo Yoga 9i

a great laptop for students or business professionals who need a portable computer that can handle demanding tasks.


Lenovo was a struggling market by introducing only its personal computers and mobile phones. à

Still, after introducing the laptops with such technological improvements, Lenovo automatically created a demand for its precious machines.

Lenovo plays an integral part in creating and introducing the world with its stunning machines.

While discussing, you have the info that Lenovo ThinkPad x1 Carbon gen is the best device which the company has been selling for many years with some advancements.

However, with the passage of time, Lenovo introduced to us some amazing machines and the Lenovo Yoga 9i is one of them.

Its unique models capture the market, make a massive share in the industry, and become a powerful laptop manufacturer.

They also keep producing premium quality laptops for their clients for commercial and corporate use.

As we know, Lenovo laptops are very much liked by the business class due to their long battery and extraordinary efficient design with the fastest processors, and beautiful Lenovo smart appearance.

So, after launching Lenovo Yoga 9i Gen, Lenovo shocked all its competitors by introducing so much elegant design laptop with tent & tablet mode with such a long-lasting battery.

Lenovo Yoga 9i Gen can run all the applications related to editing videos & photos.

It is not a gaming laptop but can handle simple running games. It provides the user with an exceptional OLED display at an affordable price.

So, after reading all this, ready to grab your Lenovo Yoga 9i today.

Lenovo Yoga 9i Specifications

Lenovo Yoga 9i Review
Operating SystemWindows 11
ProcessorIntel Core i7-1260P
Processor speed2.1 GHz
Memory16 GB
Storage512 GB
GraphicsIntel Iris XE Integrated
PortsOne USB-A 3.2 Generation 2, One USB-C 3.2 Generation 2, and Two USB-C Thunderbolt 4.
Display14” inches FHD LCD 2880×1800, OLED display, glossy touchscreen
Weight14.1 Kgs
Network and CommunicationBluetooth 5.2 & Intel Wi-Fi AX2
Battery75WH Lithium-Polymer battery 
PriceThe price starts from $ 1079 and goes to $ 1425
Lenovo Yoga 9i Specifications

Lenovo Yoga 9i Review: Pros and Cons

  • Oled display screen
  • Long battery life
  • Stylish stylus with travel sleeves
  • Powerful speaker
  • High case quality
  • Convertible laptops
  • No SD card slot, No SD card reader
  • No HDMI port
  • No space for the pen to store

Lenovo Yoga 9i Review: Features

Lenovo Yoga 9i Review

I) Design and Display

Lenovo Yoga 9i is one of the Lenovo good laptops which is design friendly with beautiful rounded edges & corners.

Lenovo is on the way forward. Lenovo Yoga 9i has a slim body, which is a convertible laptop with solid performance.

Lenovo Yoga 9i Gen carries out a bright Lenovo appearance with a fantastic display.

An OLED screen is one of the best features, providing the user full HD display.

Lenovo introduces the Lenovo Yoga 9i Gen, one of the premium laptops. The OLED screen is an adorable feature of this Lenovo Yoga 9i windows laptop, allowing the user to see actual colours.

Lenovo Yoga 9i Gen has an exceptional OLED display with integrated graphics to provide the user high-quality display along with four performance cores for best performance.

Lenovo Yoga 9i has a beautiful power button with an excellent screen hinge.

Lenovo Yoga 9i is equipped with beautiful light and dark modes, which promises to save your eyes from any damage caused by using Lenovo Yoga 9i Gen for long hours using an intel core i7 processor.

ii) Performance

Lenovo Yoga 9i Review

Lenovo Yoga 9i is the best Laptop for the business community with efficient cores, good audio quality with quad speakers.

In addition to Wilkins speaker system and rotating soundbar & has an HD webcam with a privacy shutter for making Video Conferencing.

Moreover, Lenovo Yoga 9i Gen has excellent video playback time.

The unique rotating soundbar feature will entertain you and give you a high-quality entertainment experience in tablet mode.

Lenovo Yoga 9i Gen has Intel graphics which are better than discrete NVIDIA GPU. Lenovo Yoga 9i is a leading digital publisher laptop whose significance can be judged when you go on for content creation.

The Lenovo Yoga 9i Gen has a fingerprint reader, which is an excellent addition by Lenovo to this model.

The Lenovo Yoga 9i is mainly used for web browsing using Wi-Fi. The tent mode in Lenovo Yoga 9i is a prime feature. Using this mode, you can use the stylus for drawing for blueprints preparation.

Lenovo yoga 9i Gen has Lenovo vantage, a supreme application that keeps your laptop device working multiple tasking.

Using this Lenovo vantage, you can make your Laptop switch between the different applications running simultaneously, just like doing video editing, photo editing & music composition simultaneously.

Yoga 9i Gen 7 additionally holds the impressive fingerprint sensor, which is extraordinary, with one more remarkable feature of Lenovo Voice Pro, which gives distinctive voice-based features with MCAFEE antivirus.

iii) Thunderbolt

Lenovo Yoga 9i Review

Lenovo Yoga 9i has 16 GB of RAM with superb Intel Iris XE-based graphics with an ample storage capacity of 512 GB in this great Laptop.

Yoga 9i Gen 7 has two thunderbolt ports, which are very useful for transferring data between devices like your phones and Laptops but have no HDMI port.

In our review unit, after performing many tests, the result was that the Yoga 9i Gen 7 is one of the best laptops available at the price mentioned above.

iv) Convertibility

Lenovo Yoga 9i Review

The Yoga 9i Gen 7 will give you a fantastic feature you have never experienced before.

The tent mode and tablet mode are unique parts of this Laptop. With this feature you can use the Laptop like a mobile phone this is exceptional.

v) Keyboard

Lenovo Yoga 9i Review

Yoga 9i Gen 7 has a phenomenal keyboard layout with function keys and a standard gap which is a noteworthy feature of this Laptop.

This feature makes it very helpful and easy for the user to do a lot of e-mail for the day.

Lenovo Yoga 9i comfortable keys on the keyboard are much more convenient for business class to use the Laptop for long hours.

The Yoga 9i Gen 7 beautiful keyboard deck, along with Hotkeys and other noticeable features, is powerful enough to beat any other future brands. Laptop mag is also an admirer of Yoga 9i Gen 7.

vi) Ports

Lenovo Yoga 9i Review

Yoga 9i Gen 7 Gen is a rare and unbeatable device with one USB A port, One USB c Port and two type C thunderbolt ports.

Yoga 9i Gen 7 Gen has a good selection of ports, including the ports which can connect to an external monitor.

vii) Battery life

Lenovo Yoga 9i Review

Battery life matters a lot to the users.

As discussed above, the business community also uses this Yoga 9i Gen 7 because of its tablet mode.

So, Lenovo focuses on serving its client by providing the device with the best battery life.

Yoga 9i Gen 7 battery life is also a factor in creating demand in the entire world market.

The testing unit has performed a battery test to judge the timing and come to you with the result of 13 hours & 25 minutes of battery backup.


For the Yoga 9i Gen 7 base model, the price starts from $1149, and the price goes up with adding up more specs & features to the base models.

But in the base models, which include the fingerprint reader, Oled screen, and the video calls with Intel core processor with excessive RAM of 16 GB, it is the perfect device with affordable price.


Yoga 9i Gen 7 has a brilliant processor with high performance, an affordable price, and an excellent battery.

If you are not short on budget, choose the Lenovo Yoga 9i, which has excellent & admirable features.

Including the beautiful HD display with additionally best playback time for videos and the exceptional convertible quality.

In short, it’s the perfect lightweight Laptop, which is highly portable, and you can take this Laptop anywhere you want.

Comprehensively, it’s the best choice with all these exceptional features.


Is Lenovo Yoga 9i a good laptop?

Is Lenovo Yoga 9i a good laptop? It all depends on your needs and preferences.

For some people, the Yoga 9i is the perfect laptop. It has a thin and light design, a fast processor, and a beautiful display.

It also has great battery life and an impressive array of ports. However, there are some downsides to the Yoga 9i.

The keyboard is shallow, the speakers are only average, and the trackpad can be finicky.

So, Is Lenovo Yoga 9i a good laptop? If you’re looking for a fast and lightweight machine with a great display, then the answer is yes.

But if you need a laptop with a great keyboard and superior sound quality, you might want to look elsewhere.

What is the difference between Yoga 9i and 7i?

The Yoga 9i is the latest addition to Lenovo’s line of 2-in-1 laptops.

Compared to the Yoga 7i, it has a larger screen size, a higher resolution display, and a more powerful processor.

It also has a higher price tag. The Yoga 7i, on the other hand, is more affordable and still offers many of the same features as the Yoga 9i.

Both laptops have touchscreen displays and can be used in tablet mode. They also have similar battery life and ports.

So, if you’re looking for a powerful 2-in-1 laptop with a large screen, the Yoga 9i is a good option.

If you’re looking for a more affordable option, the Yoga 7i is worth considering.

Is Lenovo Yoga 9i good for college?

There are a lot of different laptops on the market these days. So, finding the right one for college can be a bit of a challenge.

There are many things to consider, such as price, performance, and portability.
When it comes to laptops, Lenovo is a well-known and trusted brand.

The Yoga 9i is one of their latest models, and it certainly has a lot to offer students.

It’s a 2-in-1 laptop, so it can be used as both a traditional laptop and a tablet.

It also has a feature called “Hinge” which allows the screen to be rotated 360 degrees.

As for performance, the Yoga 9i is powered by an Intel Core i7 processor and has 16 GB of RAM. It also has a 1TB SSD, so it’s definitely speedy.

In terms of ports, it has 2 USB-C ports and 1 USB 3.0 port.

The Yoga 9i is lightweight and thin, making it very portable. It’s also durable, so it can withstand being carried around campus all day long.

So, is Lenovo Yoga 9i good for college? We think so! It ticks all the boxes when it comes to what students need in a laptop.

How long does Lenovo Yoga 9i last?

How long does Lenovo Yoga 9i last? The answer may vary depending on how you use it.

The average person can expect to get about two to three years of use out of their Lenovo Yoga 9i.

However, if you are a power user who uses your device for graphic-intensive activities or gaming, you may find that your battery life is shorter.

Similarly, if you frequently use your device for video streaming or other battery-intensive tasks, you may also notice a decrease in battery life.

Despite these variations, the majority of users can expect to get several years of use out of their Lenovo Yoga 9i before needing to replace it.

As for battery life it can last from 10 to 13 hours. to be precise it will be 14 hours and 22 minutes

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