Lenovo Legion 5 Pro review (2022)


Technology advancement has brought a lot of amendments to our lives. Everything is available in its upgraded and more innovative form.

The human need for convenience and comfort is bringing technology forward daily.

Back then, desktop computers were for playing games. It was never about processors, GPUs, or backlit keyboards and using multiple tabs at once.

The only centre of attention for the people was their favourite games and a desktop computer.

But all thanks to technology for introducing innovative portable and powerful gaming laptops, which no one had ever thought of.

Gaming laptops, these days, have the potential to work in a high-performance mode. The integrated graphics and intel processors enhance the gaming performance of the device.

Most gaming laptops come with AMD ryzen processors, intel core processors, and Nvidia GeForce RTX graphics. These graphics are the must-have component of a good gaming laptop.

Nowadays, we can see many competing gaming laptops in the technology market.

So, selecting the best gaming laptop at a reasonable price is hard, but no worries. This review unit will focus on one of the best gaming laptops in this case Legion 5 pro from the Lenovo brand.

Many reputed companies, including Lenovo, have introduced distinctive devices.

Lenovo has established its footing in technology by producing many robust gaming laptops with intel and AMD ryzen processors.

Among these, the Lenovo legion five pro stands out prominent.

Suppose you are searching for a gaming laptop that can meet your specific standards with decent performance, then Lenovo legion’s 5 Pro has your back.

In this Lenovo legion five pro review unit, you will get to know every little prominent feature of this gaming laptop.

Everyone is searching for a laptop with good battery life, and ryzen 7 5800h processor, a strong GPU, and an eye-catching design.

Lenovo legion 5 Pro is a great gaming laptop with AMD ryzen 7 5800h processor and Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 ti graphics. It is a new upgraded model upgrade from 11 gen to 12 gen.

Compared to other gaming laptops, Lenovo legion 5 pro is affordable with strong system performance and powerful processors like AMD ryzen 7 5800h.

It even beats the razer blade 17 through its powerful features and performance.

Make no mistake in choosing the best budget-friendly gaming laptop.

Keeping in view all your standards for a gaming laptop, we are providing you with every single detail in this Lenovo legion five pro review unit.

After reading this review unit, we assure you that this gaming laptop will be the best choice for you.

Get your money ready!

Background of Lenovo legion 5 pro:

Editors Rating: 4.5/5.0

Lenovo legion 5 Pro

Lenovo is a multinational technology company. It has an excellent contribution to the technology world and is considered one of the famous companies for fronting in the technology world.

Alongside, the Microsoft corporation has also introduced many devices with updated software. Microsoft word, PowerPoint, and Excel are the registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.

Lenovo is one of those manufacturing companies making its laptops in both intel and AMD processors.

Furthermore, Lenovo-a leading digital publisher- has produced many gaming laptops, and the Lenovo legion’s 5 Pro is one of the best laptops we have ever seen.

Lenovo legion 5 Pro Review:

Lenovo Legion 5 Pro review

Lenovo legion 5 Pro is a solid gaming laptop with AMD ryzen 7 5800h processor and Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 graphics.

Also, it carries along six performance cores and eight efficient cores. Getting into its memory and storage, the Lenovo legion 5 pro offers 16GB ram and a 1TB SSD.

It is the second generation of gaming laptops coming the power delivery of Nvidia GeForce RTX series and Lenovo legion 5 pro deploy 3070 to GPU performance.

Regarding the build quality, Lenovo legion 5 pro looks like a gaming device at first glance.

The IPS display of Lenovo legion 5 pro is 2560 x 1600 with 500nits of brightness. It further supports the 165Hz refresh rate.

The brightness level is good, and it pairs up with a black point of 0.42cd/m2, giving a contrast ratio of 1300:1

Speaking of its battery life, it delivers power with an 80W battery.

Lenovo legion 5 pro holds a good storage capacity even after downloading Read Dead Redemption and shadow of the Tomb Raider.

Lenovo legion 5 pro also contains hybrid mode and quiet mode.

The main keyboard and touchpad of Lenovo legion 5 pro are perfectly fine. Its keyboard is identical to the ones found in Lenovo Ideapad.

Lenovo legion 5 pro weighs around 2.4kg; hence, this laptop is easy to carry anywhere.

Playing games is so much fun on the one and only Lenovo legion 5 pro.

Lenovo legion 5 Pro Specs:

Lenovo Legion 5 Pro review
CPUAMD ryzen 7 5800h (multi-core)
Clock speed3.4Ghz
Memory16GB DDR4 memory
Graphics/GPURTX 3070 Ti
Display2560 x 1600 non-touch IPS screen
Storage512GB SSD
Build qualityComfortable
Connectivity1x Thunderbolt 4, USB-C 4, 1x USB-C 3.2 Gen 2 with power delivery, headphone jack, one rear USB c port, 3.2 Gen 2, 2x USB A ports, 1x USB-A Gen 1, HDMI port 2.1, Ethernet, 3.5mm audio jack, SD card reader
NetworkingWi-Fi 6E, Bluetooth 5.1
Dimensions35.6 x 26 x 2.2
Lenovo legion 5 Pro Specs

Lenovo legion 5 Pro- Pros and Cons:

  • Excellent build quality
  • AMD ryzen seven 58ooh strong processor
  • Attractive design
  • Upgradable
  • Amazing gaming performance
  • Smooth keyboard layout
  • Average display color performance
  • No biometric
  • The speakers don’t sound clear

Lenovo legion 5 Pro Review- Features:

Lenovo Legion 5 Pro review | Lenovo Legion 5 Pro review (2022)
Credit: Joanna Nelius

I ) Design and Display

Lenovo Legion 5 Pro review

Lenovo legion 5 pro’s design is eye-catching at first glance. It is 5.6 x 26 x 2.2 in dimensions.

The aspect ratio is 16:10, which is common in gaming devices. It makes it easier for you to use other tools like office applications.

Moreover, in Lenovo legion 5 pro, there’s an extra added vertical space that gives you more room for games.

Speaking of its display size, the 16″ is somehow a decent move. It is 356mm wide and 26mm thick.

Alongside, the display lid of Lenovo legion is flexible too. A special thanks to slim display bezels because Lenovo can cram the screen inside this compact chassis.

Also, the Lenovo legion 5 pro display keeps impressing with its 2560×1600 resolution that shows a clear full HD image.

Its gaming credentials include AMD ryzen 7 5800h processor and Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 graphics.

It shows that Lenovo legion 5 pro doesn’t fall back on the rise of the tomb raider and can handle everyday games easily.

ii) Keyboard and Touchpad

Lenovo Legion 5 Pro review

The main keyboard of Lenovo legion 5 Pro is designed very generously with soft landing technology. The working of its keys allows you to strike your enemies with speed and precision.

It further gives the magical movement on every key strike.

The keyboard is full size with the number pad on its right side. You can conveniently work on this sturdy device as it has a perfectly designed backlit keyboard.

The buttons don’t feel stiff and are quieter. But Lenovo doesn’t come with a per-key RGB lighting keyboard.

The touchpad is soft and easy to use. It perfectly fits on the keyboard, and you can have a good experience with its multi-finger gestures.

You can invest in a USB mouse to have a good gaming experience.

iii) Performance

Lenovo legion 5 pro is a robust gaming laptop. Compared to other gaming laptops, the Lenovo legion stands tall because of its versatile features and strong ryzen 7 5800h processor.

You can carry out all updates by installing the Lenovo vantage app quickly.

The AMD ryzen 7 5800h processors in Lenovo legion 5 pro run at a power level of 45W.

Further, in its default balanced mode, its power level tops out at 117W, while it is 140w when the performance mode deploys.

Its Nvidia Geforce RTX 3070 GPU delivers a strong performance with reasonable gaming speed. The games run smoothly at their quality level with their resolution.

If you want to play challenging games beyond 60ps framerates, you must compromise with its graphics settings in many situations.

Lenovo legion 5 pro results between 62fps and 79fps in Valhalla, Red Dead Redemption ultimately giving a smoother playback.

iv) Storage:

The storage capacity of Lenovo legion 5 pro is best for gamers and content creators.

It offers 16Gb ram and 512Gb storage, benefiting gamers and regular users.

This storage enables you to perform every task effectively, from heavy gaming to light web browsing.

v) Connectivity and Ports

Lenovo Legion 5 Pro review

On the right-hand side, you get a USB 3.2 gen one port and a privacy slider for the webcam.

USB 3.2 gen 2 type c port handles the DisplayPort on the left side. Lenovo has a pair of USB 3.2 gen one and a USB 3.2 gen two ports.

It has a USB 3.2 gen 2 port socket for charging the laptop.

On the other hand, the ethernet jack sits alongside the dual-band wireless and 5.2 Bluetooth. The only thing that Lenovo legion 5 pro lacks is fingerprint readers.

Lenovo legion 5 Pro Review- Battery Life:

As for the battery, Lenovo contains an 80W 4-cell battery to give a surprise performance.

But adding gaming to battery mode gives an average performance. Its battery lasts for almost 1.5 hours when gaming.

The battery lasts approximately 3 hours and 44 minutes, with the screen running at 50 percent of brightness.

But the battery life improves to 6 hours after switching the device to hybrid mode. However, you will only get an extended battery with light tasks that don’t require GPU.

For improved battery life, check out our guide on How to increase the battery life of a laptop.

Price and Availability of Lenovo legion 5 Pro Review

Editors Rating: 4.5/5.0

Lenovo legion 5 Pro

Lenovo legion 5 pro is a robust gaming laptop with AMD ryzen 7 5800h processor-is available at $1,599. The price might vary depending upon sellers in different regions of the world.


Lenovo legion 5 pro pleases its users by working out well. It provides a giant processor like AMD ryzen 7 5800h and Nvidia GeForce RTX 070 GPU for powerful gaming performance.

The unique processor and graphics can handle every kind of task generously.

Moreover, the design and display of the legion are beautiful. The high resolution is enough to provide fast gameplay. It further provides good screen colours and excellent brightness.

Lenovo legion 5 pro has a comfortable and quiet keyboard.

The number pad keys on the keyboard are also easy to use because of their smoothness. Alongside, the touchpad is in the centre.

It offers a soft touch, but you can use a mouse for better performance.

The laptop doesn’t succeed in some areas, including short battery life during gameplay. But it works much better in tasks.

Overall, Lenovo legion 5 pro is a suitable gaming device that stands out because of its AMD ryzen 7 5800h strong processor and excellent graphics.

If you are considering buying a laptop that provides good gaming and other tasks, then the Lenovo legion 5 pro best fits your standards.

Lenovo legion 5 Pro Review: FAQS

Is Lenovo legion 5 Pro worth buying?

Because of its excellent ryzen seven 58ooh processor and strong Nvidia Geforce RTX graphics, the Lenovo legion five Pro is worth buying.

Is the Lenovo legion 5 Pro worth buying? That depends on what you’re looking for in a laptop.

If you need a powerful machine for gaming or other demanding tasks, the legion 5 Pro is definitely worth considering.

It’s got a powerful AMD ryzen 7 5800h and Nvidia GeForce RTX 070 graphics, so it can handle just about anything you throw at it.

The 16-inch 1080p display is also bright and clear, making it great for gaming or watching movies.

However, if you’re not interested in using your laptop for demanding tasks, there are cheaper options available that will suit your needs just as well.

Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to buy the Lenovo legion 5 Pro comes down to what you need it for.

Does Lenovo legion 5 pro offers a fingerprint reader?

No. Lenovo legion 5 pro doesn’t support a fingerprint reader.

Is Lenovo legion 5 Pro best for gaming?

It is amazingly best for gaming and everyday work as well. It is available with strong processors and GPUs that can quickly handle your needs for good gaming.

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