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How to reset password on Lenovo laptop in 2022

Stuck in the middle of something? Don’t know How to reset password on Lenovo laptop? Don’t worry we have got your back.

The world in which we live is now full of gadgets, and everyone is encouraged to secure one’s data despite what device someone is using.

As technology advances, more and more people are using the best laptops for their everyday work.

This means that the risk of someone hacking into your computer and spying on you increases as well.

We have personal data, including pics, videos, official tasks, and different assignments, even your laptop camera can get hacked. Your laptop must be protected constantly by an intense or complex type of password.

This is all about passwords, but imagine a scenario where you fail to remember your password? The situation sounds terrible.

We are hanging around for you today to examine the issue, assuming you have fizzled with your password. You need to secure your device. Whether you are at home or in public.

Here we will share with you the most posed inquiries that clear your brain for the improved goal of a circumstance made when you fail to remember your Lenovo laptop password in a straightforward and simple way.

Also, we will share the technique which will lead you to reset your password on your Lenovo laptop.

How to Reset the Login on a Lenovo Laptop?

How to reset password on Lenovo laptop

Windows require a Microsoft Account to log in to your PC. This way you can learn Lenovo password reset without disk.

If you use your Microsoft Account to log in to your laptop for instance; you use an email address, then you can easily reset your Microsoft Account password with the help of any other device.

To clarify, you need to go to the Microsoft account recovery page, Fill in your Email credentials and follow the instructions.

Lenovo password reset windows 10 guide. This way you can easily learn how to reset Lenovo laptop password in windows 7 or in any windows.

Microsoft provides its users with authentic security. After you will be done with the password resetting procedure you will have the option to set up your security question. Update your security question.

However, if you use any other account and know your password, you can log in and change your Windows password. For this, you need to go to Sign-in options > Password > Change.

How to reset password on Lenovo laptop

We recommend that you create a Windows password reset disk on a flash drive or CD/DVD presupposing you might forget your password.

You will need to secure your laptop first. For this, you will have to reset the disk one time only. Once you are done with making a reset disk, you can use it further. Even if you change your password in the future by Lenovo password reset disk guide.

Once you have your reset disk, follow these steps:

  1. Try to log in with any password. Now, select OK when it states that the password is incorrect.
  2. You can now insert the password reset disk. Then, automatically, the Password Reset Wizard will begin.
  3. In any case, if the reset disk doesn’t start you can switch to the next step.
  4. Now, try booting from the USB drive through the system BIOS.
  5. From here, select your USB drive along with the reset disk and follow the instructions and create a new password.

How to reset password on Lenovo laptop with Command Prompt

How to reset password on Lenovo laptop

When you forget your password on your Lenovo laptop, the process of resetting it can seem daunting.

However, with a few simple steps, you can have your laptop up and running again in no time.

In this section of the blog post, we will walk you through the steps necessary to reset your password and get back to work. So don’t worry – we’ve got you covered!

Step 01:

How Do You Reset the Login on a Lenovo Laptop?

Start up your Lenovo laptop and rapidly press the F8 or Function key along the F8 key to access the advanced boot options.

Step 02:

How to reset the password on a Lenovo laptop

Different options will appear. Now with the help of arrow keys, go to the options and choose Safe Mode and press Enter.

Now, safe mode is running, and your laptop will show the screen in which there is an option of “Administrator” to run the system without a password.  

Step 03:

In this step, you should access the command prompt by pressing the start button and searching for the command prompt.

There you can change the password by giving the command. After providing the power, press enters, and your password is replaced with the new one.

Step 04:

After this, in the final step, shut down your laptop and start again to log in with the user name and provide the new password.


In this article, we put our effort into answering every one of the frequently asked questions, which doubtlessly help you and give effectively justifiable and bit-by-bit direction in case you deal with any issue regarding resetting your password on your Lenovo laptop.

Moreover, we give you the best straightforward way in by fits and starts to deal with cause you to comprehend the procedure for resetting the password.

We are confident that in the wake of perusing this article, you will be in an ideal situation to reset your password, yet also have the option to assist someone else.


  1. How can we use a flash drive for password recovery?

    You can reset the password by making a Windows password reset disk on a USB drive or Flash drive.

    However, one thing which you can consider a must is that you ought to need to get it done before failing to remember your password.

    Also, you can utilize this USB for recovery for however long you want. Give a password that the system doesn’t acknowledge, and a message or a window will seem to convey to you that the password is erroneous.

    Then, embed the flash drive into the laptop at that point, and the password wizard indeed begins.

    Furthermore, you can recuperate your password or change the password, and Compact Disk Drive can likewise be utilized for this reason.

    You can again get to the CD or DVD through BIOS to reset the password.            

  2. How is it possible without a disk to reset the password on a Lenovo laptop? 

    It is plausible to reset the password without a CD or Flash Disk drive.

    Here comes “Microsoft Account,” which can be utilized to open the Lenovo laptop.

    The primary method for joining is the Microsoft committed page from another program.

    Here you need to top off the page with the required or wanted data regarding Email or mobile numbers to check your identity, which is associated with your Lenovo laptop.

    After getting every one of the essential subtleties, this page will lead you to pick another password.      

  3. What is Lenovo’s one key recovery? 

    The one key recovery includes strong measures if you fail to remember your Lenovo laptop password and deal with the issue of unlocking it utilizing Windows 7.

    You can likewise use this one critical recovery to factory reset default and make the laptop at a highlight be used interestingly.

    Furthermore, every one of the passwords will be erased, and you can utilize your Lenovo laptop as it was recently bought.

  4. Are there any third-party applications or software for the recovery of the Lenovo laptop?

    Indeed, many companies are giving the product which can be utilized to recover and reset your Lenovo laptop’s password.

    Besides, companies are serving the client with instruments using which clients can reset the password. However, not all of these are free.   

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