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How to improve gaming performance on laptop 2021 best Guide

One of the most frustrating things about laptops is that they often can’t handle demanding games.

Although with the right best gaming laptop you can do just fine. That’s why we wrote this guide on how to improve gaming performance on laptop

The laptop hardware just isn’t designed to keep up with a fast-moving game. However, there are some steps you can take to improve performance and make gaming on your laptop more enjoyable.

In this guide, we’ll discuss what you should do before playing a demanding game, how to optimize your settings while in-game.

And we’ll discuss how to optimize laptop performance for gaming. In order to play games on your laptop, you need a powerful processor and graphics card.

But there are other things you can do to improve your gaming experience as well! Read on below for our tips and tricks, or click the link in our bio for a downloadable PDF version of this article.

How to improve gaming performance on laptop

Now here we will be taking you through this pross of improving your laptop gaming performance step by step. There buckle up your seat and holt tight.

When you’re on the go and gaming, your laptop is your best friend. But if you want to get the most out of it, there are some tweaks that can be made.

Gaming on a laptop is not as good as gaming on a desktop, but there are ways to improve performance. In this blog post, I’ll give you nine tips for improving game performance on a laptop.

Step 1: Clean your laptop

Step 1: Clean your laptop | How to improve gaming performance on laptop 2021 best Guide

A clean laptop will run better than one that has a lot of dust and dirt built up. So, start by unplugging your laptop from the power source.

Turn it off so you don’t accidentally send current through any circuits while cleaning them with an air duster or other vacuum cleaner.

Now, use some compressed air to blow out all of the vents in your system like under keyboards and around heat sinks.

Check for anything inside these areas that could be causing overheating of your gaming laptop.

This is especially important if you’re using a MacBook Pro! Once everything’s been cleaned out, plug back into power sources and restart your computer.

Ps: Are MacBooks good for gaming?

You should notice improved performance right away when booting up because there’s less gunk clogging up your machine.

Step 2: Close background apps

Step 2: Close background apps | How to improve gaming performance on laptop 2021 best Guide

Closing the background apps will improve the performance of your laptop. You don’t need to close all the apps running at once, but you’ll want to avoid anything that’s not necessary for gaming.

Closing background tabs in Safari or Chrome will help improve performance as well! Too many background apps will give you a poor gaming experience. I know as a pro gamer you will not want this to happen to you.

To close all background apps go to your Control Panel and go to the option “Task Manager.” In Task Manager, look for all open programs and click on them one by one.

This will bring up a window that shows you which program is running in the background. Click End Process if this app is not required or choose another choice of how to close it depending on what type of app it is.

Step 3: Activate Windows 10’s Game Mode

Activate Windows 10’s Game Mode | How to improve gaming performance on laptop 2021 best Guide

This step is a must for professional gamers as it will make the gaming experience much more enjoyable.

As a matter of fact windows 10 has many features that can help you optimise your laptop for the best performance. One the future is an app called Xbox.

Xbox app can multitask like taking screenshots. Nevertheless, the Xbox app has a game mode that you are supposed to activate.

To activate you need to press the Window key plus G (i.e Win+G) This will open up the Xbox app where you will find the game mode and activate it.

If this is checked then you’re good! If not, then check it and restart your laptop as well. This will also help with battery life while playing games so don’t worry about losing power during gameplay because of this feature.

Step 4: Disable automatic updates

Step 4: Disable automatic updates | How to improve gaming performance on laptop 2021 best Guide

Some updates are necessary but most are not. Disabling the update will help you get to your gaming experience quicker. This is because when an app needs updating it can take up a lot of processing power!

To disable this go to settings and then select advanced system setting, which should bring up another window called System Properties.

There, click “Advanced” in the left-hand menu bar and scroll down until you find Automatic Updates (in Windows XP).

Once found, uncheck the box below that says “Allow automatic updating.” Now close all windows on the screen by clicking on them one at a time with your mouse button or keyboard shortcut ‘Alt+F4‘, if needed

Step 5: Install the latest version of DirectX

Step 5: Install the latest version of DirectX

This will help game performance and make the graphics look nicer. Installing DirectX can be a little tricky, but there are many tutorials on how to do it online.

You can find these by doing a quick Google search of “install the latest version of DirectX.” You should also download all available updates for your laptop’s operating system before installing DirectX so that you don’t have any compatibility issues with this software update.

To check its version, press Win+R to open the Run menu, after that you will have to enter dxdiag.

After doing that you will be able to see the DirectX Diagnostic Tool. This tool will provide you with information about your computer’s DirectX capabilities including but not limited to your driver and hardware version.

You can also see if there are any updates from Microsoft for the DirectX version here (just click on “Check for updates”) which will update files in Windows that may cause problems with DirectX.

Step 6: Update your drivers

Step 6: Update your drivers | How to improve gaming performance on laptop 2021 best Guide

According to PcMag, you have to update your drivers unless you have a serious issue.
They also say that updating your Graphics card is an exception, although we should opt to update our drives directly from the manufactures. which is also an excellent idea.

To update drivers, you have to download the driver from their website and install it. I would strongly suggest that you look for updates after every specified period.

This is because a company like Nvidia and AMD update their drives so that they offer a more enjoyable gaming experience and also make the drives to be more compatible with new games.

The Bottom line is that you update your drivers when necessary to increase their performance. (especially for the GPU)

Step 7: Check the network speed for online gaming

Step 7: Check the network speed for online gaming | How to improve gaming performance on laptop 2021 best Guide

This applies to people who love gaming online. The best way to do this is by going to the settings and then selecting “Network and Internet.”

After that, you will find a tab called status. Click on it where there should be a menu option for Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection speed. If your internet speeds are low, try unplugging any other devices while gaming in order to increase bandwidth usage.

If you find that your game is still lagging we recommend using a wired Ethernet connection from the router to your overpowered gaming laptops

Step 8: Overclock the GPU

Step 8: Overclock the GPU image by make of us

To overclock the GPU is to increase the speed of the GPU. To do this you will have to do some research as it has its own repercussions when done the wrong way.

Generally overclocking the GPU causes the laptop to overheat as it requires a lot of electricity. I would advise you to go ahead with this provided you know how to fix an overheating laptop

Our friends at makeofus have complied up a guide on how to overclock GPU the right way. Follow their lead on this.

The decision lies in your hands but the bottom line is that overclock the GPU will increase the gaming performance.

Step 9: Malware Scan

Step 9: Malware Scan to improve laptop performance | How to improve gaming performance on laptop 2021 best Guide

A malware Scan is a process of scanning your computer for viruses and other malware. This step can be tricky as it requires installing anti-virus software that may not work with the operating system on your laptop.

Some people prefer using an all in one solution while others want to stick to their tried and true antivirus program they know works well for them.

If you decide to use an all-in-one solution, make sure that it has a good reputation because if this doesn’t work then there will be no going back from full system failure so beware!

If you’re going down the route of choosing individual programs I would advise checking out reviews online before buying any goods or downloading anything else onto our laptops.

Avg antivirus also guides on how to improve gaming performance on laptops. All the junky viruses will be cleared hence the system will be running faster.

Our conclusion on how to improve gaming performance on laptop

There are a variety of ways to improve gaming performance on laptops. One way is by upgrading the processor, GPU and RAM for your laptop.

Another option is unlocking the hidden power of your CPU with an overclocking utility.

You can also add more cooling fans or liquid-cooling systems to your machine if you have room in order to keep it from overheating during those intense gameplay sessions.

The last suggestion is adding external graphics cards which allow you to connect them when necessary but lessens their importance when not used so they don’t contribute as much heat into your system (which can damage components).

Which one will work best for you? Let us know! We’re always happy to help our community find solutions that align with what works.

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