Google Pixelbook Go review & Specs (2022 Ultimate Guide)

In old times, people didn’t have the facility of technology.

It took a lot of time for them to complete their everyday tasks. But now, technology eases many things for them.

A powerful business laptop is also one of these technologies that are helping people a lot in their work.

More and more people are quitting their 9-5 jobs to do remote work and freelancing because they make more money than regular jobs through their laptops. 

According to a study by Global Workplace Analytics and Flex Jobs, the remote workforce has increased by 159% since 2005.

And remote workers will make up as much as 50% of the entire workforce by 2020, which is happening due to the ease of making money from home with the help of your laptop.

There are several advantages of laptops.

Laptops are beneficial to us in so many ways. A laptop’s best advantage is that it gives you easy access to every task at your fingertips.

The use of laptops has become widespread now.

People plan their projects, create content, research, and whatnot. If you’re a writer, then you know how important it is to have the best laptop for writing.

You need one that can handle all of your writing needs, from creating documents to editing photos.

Nonetheless, Chromebooks can be great for writers.

With the popularity of laptops, the demand for innovative laptops has also increased.

People are more interested in buying laptops with good battery life, fantastic intel processors, and GPUs.

Intel has now improved its clock speeds in some of its latest processors.

Besides, the best thing about Chromebooks is that you can easily unlock them with android phones.

In this review unit, we will review a slim chrome os Chromebook that offers a jaw-dropping performance. It is none other than “Google pixelbook go.”

Most Chromebooks have features that don’t match the price. Only some of the competing Chromebooks match the excellency of this google pixelbook go.

If you value beautiful design, unique features, and excellent battery life over money, you must take your hands on Google pixelbook go.

It has an eye-catching design and gives a robust performance.

Pixel go is thin and light. Moreover, you can convert this Chromebook into tablet mode as well. Google Pixel go is the Best Chromebooks for Writers.

Google pixelbook go is a compatible operating system. Many other competitive laptops like MacBook Air and MacBook pro run with different operating systems.

But pixelbook go runs chrome os. It is a lightweight and best Chromebook chrome os laptop that pairs an intel core i5 processor.

After knowing about pixelbook go’s features, you cannot resist yourself to buy it.

It contains 8GB ram and 128GB storage, which is pretty much for you to handle all your regular work.

Google pixelbook go is one of the affordable Chromebooks that can meet your specific standards.

Furthermore, the processing power of this Chromebook is so strong that you can do video editing, light photo editing, and web browsing efficiently.

It is also pretty good for business use. Also, you can efficiently run android apps and manage google calls on this exceptional Chromebook.

Google pixelbook go’s price is a bit high. But the features it possesses can easily convince you to buy this device.

After reading this Google pixelbook go review unit, you will decide to buy this giant chrome os Chromebook.

Google pixelbook go review

Editors Rating: 4.0/5.0

Google pixelbook go

It is a fantastic laptop for anyone who needs a powerful and portable device. The Google Pixelbook Go is Google’s latest Chromebook.


Google is also a leading digital publisher in the technology world.

The pixelbook is a laptop or a tablet that runs chrome os. It is one of the most efficient developments of Google.

The pixelbook always comes with distinctive features. They are capable of launching android apps natively.

In the rating of best Chromebooks 2022, the Google pixelbook go placed at number 1.

Wow! Isn’t it a solid reason to buy this Chromebook?

By the end of this Google Pixelbook go review, the Chromebook’s incredible features will leave you in awe.

Introduction to Google pixelbook go

Google pixelbook go review

Google pixelbook go is an excellent Chromebook that offers 8th gen intel core i5 processor and intel UHD graphics.

The Chromebook further offers a full HD 1080p LCD touchscreen. It has excellent build quality, and everything looks so good on the laptop screen.

The 8GB ram and 128GB internal SSD storage of the pixelbook go can store any files and documents.

The two main selling points of the Google pixelbook go are its pretty backlit keyboard and its long battery life.

The pixelbook go supports android apps, and you can easily download the content from the preloaded google play store. Besides, you can change it into tablet mode as per your preference.

The pixelbook go is fine for video playback, web browsing, and editing.

Now let’s move to the specifications and features of Google pixelbook go.

Google pixelbook go Specifications

Google pixelbook go review
CPU1.3GHz Intel Core i5-8220Y (dual-core; 4MB cache; boost up to 3.9GHz)
GraphicsIntel UHD Graphics 615 (300MHz)
Screen13.3-inch Full HD (1,920 x 1,080; 166 PPI) LCD touchscreen (16:9; 72% NTSC
Storage128GB eMMC
Portstwo USB C ports 3.1 (charging and display out), 3.5mm headphone jack, 2 USB A ports, micro sd reader, a USB type A port(no)
ConnectivityWi-Fi 5 (802.11ac, 2×2 MIMO, dual-band); Bluetooth 4.2
Cameras1080p Duo Cam (2MP, 60 fps)
Input deviceTitan c security chip, decent speakers
Weight2.3 pounds (1,061g)
Fingerprint sensorNo
Size12.2 x 8.1 x 0.5 inches (311 x 206.3 13.4mm; W x D x H)
Google pixelbook go Specifications

Pros and Cons of Google pixelbook go Review

  • Attractive design
  • Astonishing battery life
  • Fast charging
  • Great Hush keyboard
  • Excellent 1080p webcam
  • No fingerprint scanner

Google pixelbook go: Features

Google pixelbook go review

I) Design and Display

The Google pixelbook go is a sleek and sturdy Chromebook that offers an eye-pleasing design with 0.5 inches thickness.

It has a grey color Google “G” logo at the top of the lid.

The hinges are solid enough to hold the lid, and it doesn’t wobble on flipping. The slim design of this quirky laptop makes it a gorgeous-looking Chromebook.

With this google pixel go review model, the only color option for this chrome os Chromebook is the black and not pink colorway.

Furthermore, the bottom of the laptop has stripped and textured pattern. With 2.3 pounds of weight, the google pixelbook is the most portable Chromebook today.

The Google pixelbook go display has 1080p resolution with an LCD touchscreen. It comes in a 13.3-inch screen size.

The 1080p screen delivers quick results and is excellent for media consumption. Its brightness level peaks at 368 nits giving a hundred percent clear screen colors.

You get two screen options for google pixelbook go. The Google pixelbook go’s display performs well compared to that of the Samsung galaxy Chromebook 2.

ii) Keyboard and Trackpad

Google pixelbook go review

Google pixelbook go comes with a fantastic keyboard. An excellency of Google pixelbook is evident from the design and feel of its keyboard.

The pixelbook go keyboard has the smoothest keys that give tactile feedback to make typing process light.

The pixelbook go keyboard is one of the softest keyboards we have ever seen in Chromebooks.

Its keyboard also features a dedicated google assistant button and quick access to android apps. The keys are so soft, ultimately giving the magical movement.

The touchpad’s size is 4.6×2.6 inches, and it is smooth and highly responsive. Its surface is as soft as silk. You can enjoy the multi-finger touch with this touchpad.

Everything is just so pleasing in Google pixelbook go. This google pixelbook go review is the solution to all your worries regarding buying a good laptop.

iii) Performance

Google pixelbook go review

Google pixelbook go review packs in full power.

The pixelbook go with an intel core processor that excels the rest of the Chromebooks with its distinguished specifications. It offers an intel core processor with 8GB memory and 128GB internal storage.

Google pixelbook go gives an outstanding and fast performance. Besides this, you can simply login to your device through your android phone.

It only lacks a biometric login system, which is not a big issue when you have many other excellent features.

The google pixelbook go Chromebook allows you to do your work in the most straightforward ways. It brings new meaning to Chromebooks with its excellent performance and configuration.

Google pixelbook go is excellently built to surpass the build quality of all other Chromebooks.

iv) Audio and ports

Google pixelbook go review

The google pixelbook go offers dual speakers with two microphones. Its speakers produce a decent amount of sound with fantastic sound quality.

Moreover, the music from wired headphones sounds too good.

Google pixelbook go Chromebook with chrome os has two USB c ports for charging. However, there’s no USB port in it.

The collection of ports is not highly appreciable in the Google pixelbook go Chromebook as it doesn’t support thunderbolt.

v) Connectivity

Google pixelbook go review

The wireless connection in google pixelbook go operates with wi fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac. It further possesses Bluetooth 4.2 features.

vi) Webcam

Google pixelbook go review

Google pixelbook go has a 1080p webcam that records at 60fps. You can use it for online business meetings and video editing.

It meets all your expectations by giving exceptional performance.

vii) Storage

With 8Gb ram and 128Gb storage, this Chromebook can handle multi tasks between many google chrome browser tabs.

Battery life

Google pixelbook go review

The users declare Google pixelbook go as the best Chromebook with more than excellent battery life. It delivers a long-lasting battery time of about 11 hours.

You can further charge it for half an hour to use it for more than 2 hours. Google promises up to 12 hours of use of this battery.

It takes only 2 hours to charge this Chromebook fully. Battery squeezes a bit faster in streaming media.

Whether it’s a meeting, class, or a presentation, the google pixelbook go’s battery will never disappoint you.

Price and Availability

Google pixelbook go with intel core 15 processor is available at $649.


Chromebooks best suit those people who don’t expect much from the laptop in terms of computing power. Google pixelbook go is one of the fantastic Chromebooks with a cast of premium components like a lovely display, excellent processor and graphics, huge storage capacity, a great webcam, and whatnot.

Overall, this Chromebook offers a significant performance that you might not see in other Chromebooks. Go and grab your Google pixelbook go without any delay.

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How much is Google pixelbook go?

Google pixelbook go is available at the price of $649. However, it may vary in different countries depending on sellers.

Is Google pixelbook go worth buying?

If you’re looking for a new laptop, the Google Pixelbook Go is definitely worth considering.

It’s ultraportable, has a great design, and performs exceptionally well. The only drawback is that it’s a bit pricey for a Chromebook.

Here’s a closer look at the pros and cons of the Pixelbook Go to help you decide if it’s the right laptop for you.

The Pixelbook Go is one of the most portable laptops on the market. It weighs just 2 pounds and is only 0.5 inches thick.

That makes it easy to carry with you wherever you go.

The design is also sleek and modern, with a magnesium chassis and smooth glass surface. The keyboard is backlit and feels great to type on.

And the 13.3-inch 1080p touchscreen display is bright and sharp.

In terms of performance, the Pixelbook Go is one of the fastest laptops around.

It has an Intel Core i5 processor and 8GB of RAM, so it can easily handle demanding tasks like video editing and gaming.

The battery life is also impressive, lasting up to 12 hours on a single charge.
However, the main downside of the Google Pixelbook Go is its price tag.

It starts at $850 for the base model, which isn’t too bad considering its high-end specs.

But if you want features like a 4K display or 128GB of storage, you’re looking at spending over $850. So it’s definitely not the most affordable laptop on the market.

All things considered, the Google Pixelbook Go is an excellent laptop that’s well worth its price tag for most users.

But if you’re on a tight budget, there are more affordable options available.

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