Dell G5 Review: Specs & Features in 2022

Laptops have become the basic need of our lives. It has changed the way of living in many aspects. Also, a laptop or computer is a great blessing if used for exemplary purposes.

As we know, innovation always comes with competition. Many reputable companies are introducing powerful laptops with advanced upgrading of models in terms of good performance, features, design, and display.

With this advancement, people are more into portable laptops that offer intel core processors, which are suitable for gaming.

Nowadays, gaming laptops are especially the centre of attention for the young generation.

If we talk about the evolution of gaming laptops, it’s been more than a decade since gaming laptops have been on a wave of sales in the technology market.

Nvidia-known for manufacturing and designing graphic processing units(GPUs)-is an American multinational company.

Many hardware companies promote games; among these, the most prominent names are Nvidia and AMD.

But Nvidia GeForce and AMD Radeon can be trusted partners in the same device.

Adding to your information, the AMD Radeon is the software installed to analyze gaming performance and recommends improving the gaming experience by in-built game graphics.

But Nvidia GeForce gtx and Nvidia GeForce RTX have better specifications than AMD, which is what every gamer wants.

A good gaming laptop always comes with Nvidia GPU because of its power efficiency.

Moving on, one of the best gaming laptops we will review is “The Dell g5 15 review”.

We know that dell is prominent among the good laptop-making companies.

Dell has always aimed to produce the best laptops that can meet any particular standard of users. With the popularity of modern games, people are conscious of laptop gaming performances when buying them.

The Dell G5 is a great choice for gamers looking to get their fix on the go.

This laptop offers an excellent gaming experience with its Intel Core i5 processor and Windows 10 operating system, not to mention it has incredible specs that will satisfy any tech lover in your life!

Every game lover prefers a high-performance laptop with great battery life, strong GPU, and excellent processors.

Dell g5 with intel core i5 processor is a good candidate for modern gaming and casual works.

It contains Nvidia GeForce gtx 165o graphics which are high in demand in the technology world.

So viewers, are you ready to be amazed by the features of this blockbuster gaming laptop? The distinguishing features of the dell g5 will surely leave you in awe.

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Background of Dell G5 Review

Dell G5 Review | Dell G5 Review: Specs & Features in 2022

Dell is a popular American multinational technology company that provides desktop personal computers and software.

Over the years, dell has designed many laptops, mobiles, desktops, software, storage devices, and workstations.

Furthermore, its modern innovations in information technology have made it unique among others.

The dell company is the leading digital publisher which has unveiled many sleek gaming laptops with intel core processors, ultimately providing professional work for gamers.

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Dell G5 Review

Our Pick

Editors Rating: 8.9/10

Dell G5

This gaming laptop has been making waves for its great features. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer looking for a powerful machine or just starting out, the Dell G5 is definitely worth considering.


It is prominent that the dell g5 series is the best alternative to other expensive Alienware laptops. Dell g5 15 is a mid-range Alienware gaming laptop with a responsive keyboard.

This device has an in-built Alienware command centre app to control and process the unique features of Alienware computers.

If you are in search of the best option to buy the best mid-range gaming laptop, the dell g5 15 is the best fit for your demands.

Dell g5 15 with intel core i5 is one of the best gaming laptops with a fast refresh rate that can handle the demands of heavy modern games and other games.

It comes with Nvidia GeForce gtx 1650 graphics and Windows gen 11, which is nothing but mind-blowing.

The dell g5 15 has an eye-pleasing design and is strong enough to run heavy games smoothly. Dell g5 15 offers an intel core i5 processor, which is best for its incredible speed and hi-fi performance.

Moreover, the dell g5 15 has a 15 .6″ 144HZ IPS display and Nvidia GeForce gtx 1650 graphics making it the best choice gaming laptop.

The excellent battery life of the dell g5 15 is more than ideal. It has 8GB memory with 512GB SSD storage.

Let’s continue with the keen details of its specifications and features.

Dell G5 Specifications

Screen15.6 inches 1920 x 1080 IPS panel, 144Hz refresh rate, AU Optronics, B156HAN
Operating systemWindows gen 10
Processorintel core i5 10300H
GraphicsNvidia GeForce gtx 1650 Ti graphics, Nvidia GeForce game-ready driver 460.79 Optimus
Storage512GB SSD
Connectivitywi-fi, Bluetooth, fingerprint reader (optional), webcam
PortsUSB c port, HDMI ports, headphone jack, power jack, gigabit ethernet port, sd card reader, sd card slot, mini DisplayPort, audio jack
BenchmarksSingle core 5333, Multi-core 22048, Compute: 199727
Dell G5 Specifications

Pros and Cons of Dell G5 Review

  • Heavy gaming laptop
  • Great battery life
  • High performance
  • Geforce gtx 1650 amazing graphics
  • Good connectivity
  • Fast screen
  • Fast refresh rate
  • A bit expensive
  • No possibility of charging via USB c
  • Screen colors are not good
  • No USB c DisplayPort
  • The fingerprint reader is not responsive

Dell G5 Review: Features

Dell G5 Review: Features

I) Design and Display

Dell g5 is a classy laptop with an intel core i5 processor and GeForce gtx 1650 graphics.

It has a grooved design and an attractive keyboard that makes it look attractive. Dell g5 has a plastic body, but less plastic is there than in its previous generation.

Dell g5 15 has proved lighter than the last dell g5 generations.

The central hinge is balanced, preventing the screen from wobbling during use.

Moreover, the lid doesn’t require a lot of force to open. Instead, you can open the top of the laptop with smooth hands. The users of dell g5 are already thrilled with dell’s panel.

The display’s colours and brightness distribution give a decent look with an excellent contrast ratio of 1500:1.

It also provides the fastest refresh rate. The light on the display is by default dell blue, but you can change it into the colours and patterns of your choice through the Alienware command centre application.

The only problem with the dell g5 15 display is its weak calibration.

But it’s not a big issue because it doesn’t affect the performance. You can ignore it because you have many other good features to admire.

ii) Keyboard and Touchpad

Keyboard and Touchpad of dell G5

Dell g5 15 offers a beautiful backlit keyboard. The key to this is keyboard gives you comfortable typing.

The keyboard deck of dell g5 15 is also firmly designed. The most noticeable thing about this is its G game shift hotkey on the keyboard.

The touchpad or trackpad of dell g5 15 is 10.5x8cm in size. The windows precision drivers make the smooth running of the touchpad.

Gamers, for comfortable gaming, can attach a mouse to it.

Best Silent gaming mouse are useful for gamers for more flexibility during their game.

It won’t be wrong to say that touchpad of dell g5 15 gives a magical movement every time you touch it.

iii) Performance

The peppy performance of this gaming laptop, dell g5 15, has established its footing around the globe.

Its operating system, Windows gen 10 with an intel core i5 processor, enables the device to perform tasks quickly. Also, the verdict dell delivers killer frame rates.

It has Nvidia GeForce gtx 1650 within, which makes it one of the best working gaming laptops. Many gamers have thrown the best tech tutorials and good reviews of dell g5 15 on social media.

Other than Nvidia GeForce gtx 1650, there are many other dells g5 15 software like dell mobile connect, dell power manager, dell digital delivery, dell update, and dell customer connect.

It means you can easily make calls from your phone, update dell applications, and monitor your device’s battery health.

Alongside GeForce gtx 1650 graphics, the device contains a volume rocker, audio jack, headphone jack, three USB ports, a mini DisplayPort, and an sd card reader.

However, the thunderbolt is not available in dell g5 15.

Dell g5 15 got 56 fps benchmark on grand theft auto and hit 83 fps benchmark on Hitman, surpassing hp omen having 78 fps.

It further allows you to complete your work in multiple tabs. Besides, the fingerprint reader is optional. Adding a fingerprint is all your choice.

The cooling rate of dell g5 15 is oh-so-good. You can also perform a stress test to check its cooling, and the results will be excellent.

It laptop won’t overheat even if you open two or more programs and ingest data in each. It shows that you can play your favourite games without overheating the laptop.

iv) GPU Performance

Dell G5 Review | Dell G5 Review: Specs & Features in 2022

Dell g5 15 offers a premium GPU performance.

Dell g5 is one of those best gaming laptops with Nvidia GeForce, best known for designing the best graphic processing units(GPUs).

The Nvidia GeForce gtx 1650 graphics performs so well for gamers. It gives you a 360-watt power supply too.

So if you are heading to buy a lovely gaming laptop, the dell g5 15 is the best fit for your gaming laptop standards.

v) Gaming Performance

Dell G5 Review | Dell G5 Review: Specs & Features in 2022

We all know that playing games on high settings is the best way to experience them.

With these heavy-duty titles like Disco Elysium, Grand Theft Auto Online or Tomb Raider running smoothly with no lag time; it feels almost too good!

When ray tracing and non-RTX cards are out of scope for Nvidia GeForce gtx 1650 Ti, dell g5 15 performs according to its class when it comes to gaming.

vi) Battery life of Dell G5 – Review

Dell G5 Review

With 51H, the dell g5 offers an average battery life because of its heavy CPU and GPUs.

Without any connectivity, it gives 12 hours of battery time with low brightness, which is pretty good.

Using wi-fi, It takes 2.5 hours to charge the laptop from 0 battery to 10% entirely.

But when there’s a lot of load on the device, the battery lasts almost 1.5 hours. Overall, the dell g5 15 has a mediocre battery performance.

Dell g5 15 is a Windows gen 10-based model that gives more than enough storage capacity. You can conveniently store any of your files and data without getting in trouble.

Furthermore, it supports 8GB ram and 256GB storage which everyone needs in their laptop.

Price and availability of Dell G5

Dell g5 15 is available in the price range of $800.

However, the asking price of $1,149 is not near possible for the device with an intel core i5 processor, 15.6 inches IPS display, and an impressive Nvidia GeForce gtx 1650 graphics.

The prices depend upon sellers of different counties. You will get this intelligent device according to the price range in your country.


It is no wonder that the Dell g5 15 is a sleek, sturdy and fast gaming laptop with many versatile features.

It comes with 15.6″ inch IPS display and an intel core i5 processor.

Dell g5 15 has the support of my Windows gen ten operating systems, which is the prominent reason to buy this laptop.

If you are in search buying the best working gaming laptop with good features, a fast refresh rate, and Nvidia GeForce graphics, then the dell g5 15 is the best option.

If you are games conscious, we recommend purchasing the dell g5 15 readily. It contains 8GB ram and 256GB storage which is more than suitable for storing every file type.

Moreover, its keyboard offers smooth running, and the touchpad is fantastic. The Dell customer service is so fast that you can ask queries anytime.

To sum up, the dell g5 15 is highly recommendable because of the excellent features that every gaming laptop should possess.


  1. Is Dell g5 15 worth buying?

    If you’re in the market for a mid-priced gaming laptop, the Dell G5 15 is definitely a model worth considering.

    This machine packs some serious firepower under the hood, with a high-end graphics card and plenty of CPU and RAM horsepower.

    Performance-wise, it can easily handle most modern games at high settings. So is the Dell G5 15 worth buying?

    Let’s take a closer look.

    In case you’re wondering if the Dell G5 15 is good for gaming or not, let me answer that question for you straight away: yes, it absolutely is!

    In fact, this laptop has been designed specifically with gamers in mind.

  2. Is dell g5 15 a gaming laptop?

    Dell g5 15 is a solid gaming laptop with powerful Nvidia GeForce gtx 1650 graphics making your heavy games run stuck-free. Dell g5 15 stands out prominent among the best gaming laptops.

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