Alienware m17 review (2022 Guide)

A gaming laptop is becoming a demand for every person whether they belong to any profession or if they are a student they need a gaming laptop.

The gaming craze in people is still alive and to fulfill this demand all the laptop companies are manufacturing powerful products according to their customer’s needs.

Alienware m17 review

Editors Rating: 4.4/5.0

Alienware m17

It is a gaming laptop that packs a serious punch. With a powerful processor and graphics card, it can handle even the most demanding games. Plus, the large screen and high-quality speakers provide an immersive gaming experience.


Alienware is acknowledged as the best, most powerful, and perfect machine for the user who wants to play any kind of game or join a gaming zone.

Alienware laptops are known for their light processing speed and adorable & integrated graphics with NVIDIA GeForce.

Alienware m17 is one of the best gaming laptops with a fast refresh rate that can handle the demands of heavy modern games.

Alienware laptops are the best laptops with power efficiency graphics with built-in benchmarks for excellent processing good battery life with upgradeable batteries and power share technology.     

This article will let you know if Alienware is a valuable deal or not. Moreover, you will get maximum answers to your questions while discussing Alienware M17 from all aspects.

Introduction Alienware m17

Alienware m17 review

The best things in life come in little to moderate size bundles.

With the Alienware m15 tipping the scales at 2.26kg (or 5lbs), it possesses all the necessary qualities and features in this machine. Alienware m17 is an amazing machine for gamers.

Alienware m17 Specifications:

Alienware m17 review
ProcessorCore i7-10750H Hexacore Processor
GraphicsNVIDIA® GeForce® RTX 2070 SUPER™ 8GB GDDR6
Memory16 GB
Display17.3″ FHD (1920 x 1080) 300Hz
Screen17.3″ 3840×2160 IPS
Storage1 Terabyte of SSD storage capacity
CameraHD (1280×720 resolution) camera with dual array
Battery90 Wh-Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion)-11,4 V-13.1 oz (370 g)
AC adapterIncluded
Alienware m17 Specifications

Alienware m17 Pros and Cons

  • Speaker’s sound is classy.
  • Graceful design with elegant body.
  • Unmatchable gaming laptop backlit keyboard
  • Excessive SSD storage.  
  • Favorable mixed battery life up to 7 hours.
  • It is a high-budget machine.
  • Competitors are a bit faster in gaming sections.
  • There is a cushion for the betterment of the display screen. 

Alienware m17: Features

Alienware m17 review

I) Design & display

With a screen size of 17.3 inches screen, this laptop makes your gaming time more entertaining with the addition of Full High Definition Screen FHD on Alienware m17 gaming laptops along with exclusive NVIDIA Geforce graphics.

If you are interested in eSports games then you will be never disappointed after purchasing an Alienware M17 gaming laptop.

Its heroic and glamorous body with updated Windows 10 operating system with nice battery life let you think again to buy this product.

This display has excellent display quality and a bright color palette.

The keyboard could have become more attractive but the screen is the same. The screen has 3 resolutions, 360Hz and 144Hz with Full HD resolution and 60Hz with 4K resolution.

The screen features 320hz, high-performance displays that can support high-speed multiplayer games.

Display matters a lot to gamers as this section makes them focus effectively on the screen to enjoy the game. Alienware m17 maintains a high refresh rate display for the user.   

ii) Slim & sleek

Alienware m17 review

Alienware M17 gaming laptop design is unique as compared with other laptops.

Its body is finished with study magnesium alloy to enhance its beauty and the special thing is unmatchable, its RGB Alienware logo that contains LED light in it.

Alienware M17 is so much unique in this type of design which not only is high in demand but also makes it beautiful by its slim size.

The light weight feature is also a good part of this Alienware model.

iii) Keyboard

Alienware m17 review

One of the best mechanical keyboards in the market for gaming purposes with comparatively big buttons along the unmatchable anti-ghosting technology.

Quick response mechanical keyboard keys provide a better gaming experience.

The keyboard is a key feature that makes this laptop a premium laptop with a big number pad on it.

The base to the buttons available on the mechanical keyboard is very impressive and their action is quick and keys actuate making it more exciting.

The keys are one of the best parts of this laptop’s keyboard which make this model more demanding in the market and also makes the user use the keys efficiently.            

iv) Performance

The Alienware laptop is a premium gaming laptop and is able to provide the gamer with high a performance mode for gaming.

Alienware laptop has ultra settings that take your PC gaming experience to a new height.

The performance can be judged by NVIDIA GeForce graphics with the intel core i7 speedy processor boost up the 16 GB of RAM which make any games or any other function or task happen on the laptop with a glimpse of an eye.

Its performance can be assessed by RAM which gives a boost to the processor with the compatible excellent operating system.

Additionally, Alienware m17 has an elegant power button. Alienware m17 has storage options that can be upgraded as per requirement.

Alienware command center has developed the performance in an efficient way that the fan noise is very low as most laptops have.

A synthetic test performed on Alienware m17 created this laptop as the best laptop.

In terms of CPU and GPU work, Alienware m17 is considered as best of the best gaming laptops which makes the user for gaming for a long time.

Alienware m17 operating system is an optimized laptop with Nvidia Geforce graphics and with the same GPU can compete with other future brands easily as the best laptops.

v) Camera & microphones

Alienware M17 base model provides the amazing and best HD resolution camera with dual-array integrated microphones which makes this laptop more precious.

This feature also creates a demand for Alienware M17 in the market.

Microphones help a lot in gaming which is mainly the use of this laptop.

Battery life

As it happens all the time the battery life of every game-designed based laptop is not very impressive.

So, the Alienware M17 battery provides backup during game time for up to 100 minutes and during mixed functioning for up to 4 hours.

Alienware m17 recharges the battery in very less time than compared with other machines and the battery build quality is superb.

Alienware m17 r4 battery life is better than other gaming laptops. When we make an in-depth review we come to the result that Alienware m17 is an absolute gaming powerhouse with better battery life.

Connectivity & Ports

Alienware m17 review

It has 4 USB ports in total two of which are type A, one is a thunderbolt and another one is a USB port with power share technology.

It also has 1 HDMI port and 1 mini display port on the panel. This wide chassis has several ports which begin with USB 3.1 and Ethernet ports on the left flanking.

It is also equipped with wireless Wi-Fi connectivity. It is also featured with 5.1 Bluetooth. Alienware m17 ensures unlimited web browsing through Wi-Fi.

The microSD card reader has made its connectivity more convenient for the user. Alienware command center software makes connectivity easier by providing the ethernet jack, and mechanical switches.    

Price & availability

Alienware M17’s price starts from $3700 on amazon the efficient intel core i7 processor and the brilliant NVIDIA make it worthy with the amazing enhanced size of a keyboard button and the backlit.

This model has a broader screen size of 17.3 inches which gives the gamer a broader view to completely enjoy the gaming on Alienware m17 with amazing microphones and a louder speaker with more Ram for better functionality of the programs.

The upgrade made to Alienware m17 made this model better than the previous generation. Most users who like gaming laptop keyboards get used to high-pitched voices which make them focus on the game.


If you are looking for the best gaming laptop with an uninterrupted gaming experience, your choice comes to an end.

Alienware has an FHD display screen with NVIDIA graphics with the best performance intel core i7 processor along with 1 TB of storage with 16 GB of speedy RAM.

A good gaming laptop comprises an efficient keyboard with backlit tech and good battery life.

That is all that a gaming user needs for all-time gaming with the feature of portability.

It’s a powerful laptop with the best operating and an appreciable camera that can be used during playing online games.

Its vast storage makes you able to store a large amount of data also with a good option for retrieval.

Grab your wallet, and get the best machine with excellent specifications and performance.


Is Alienware m17 good for gaming?

Alienware is the best laptop for serious gaming, it includes top-notch features along with a tough budget price.

Are Alienware laptops good quality?

Alienware m17 is a major gaming brand with some of the best laptops available and it is a very high-quality laptop with excellent performance.

The business was founded in 1996 by Gonzalez and Aguila and the company is now known as the best in its segment for its high quality.

Is Alienware good for the money?

An expensive laptop with robust features. These are designed to last and have the latest hardware as well as high-end components.

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