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What is an Fpv drone: The Beginner’s Guide to Fpv Drones

Not only traditional drones but also Fpv drones are one of the most popular hobbyist items on the market right now. They are also an excellent way to get into drone racing. But what is an Fpv drone? The one-billion-dollar question.

what is an Fpv drone?

what is an Fpv drone?

What are Fpv Drones? Fpv stands for “First Person View” and is a type of drone that allows you to fly the drone while seeing what it sees on your controller.

It’s called “first-person” because you control the camera instead of sitting back and watching it all happen.

You can think of an fpv drone as if it were an extension of yourself, allowing you to see through its eyes in order to navigate, explore, or even race other drones.

These types of drones, which stands for the first-person view, allow you to see exactly what your drone sees as it flies through its environment.

This type of flying experience is exhilarating and challenging but can be mastered with some practice and patience.

Luckily for you (and me), I am here to guide you through everything that there is know about these remote-controlled devices.

Why buy an FPV Drone?

Why buy an FPV Drone?

One of the main reasons why you should buy an fpv drone is because it allows you to see through your drone’s eyes and experience a whole new level of freedom.

This will allow you to take awesome aerial videos and photos which can be shared on social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc.

By doing so also means that these types of drones are perfect for filming videos or taking pictures from unique vantage points that were previously difficult or expensive to reach.

FPV racing drones have become increasingly popular in recent years with many people starting their own local competitions around different parts of the world.

This has led to more and more companies producing quality products at affordable prices making them accessible for everyone. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, I have listed a few of my top tips below.

Tips for buying an Fpv Drone

There are so many different models and brands out there that it can get quite confusing at times.

To help make the decision easier here are some things to consider before making your final purchase:

Price range

How much money do you want to spend on your new toy? It’s important not to break the bank when spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on electronics as they can break down quickly if neglected.

If this is going to be your first fpv drone then look for one within 100$ – 300$. You don’t need anything fancy but should still expect decent quality which will last for up to a year or two.

Skill level

If this is your first drone then you should probably go for the simplest model that will suit your experience level. Experienced flyers are better off investing in more advanced models with multiple features which allow them to fly faster and perform tricks

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Quality of build

This one doesn’t really need much explaining but just make sure it’s built well enough so that it won’t break down after being used only once or twice.

Look at customer reviews on Amazon or other online stores before making your final purchase as they can be quite useful when looking for quality drones!

Range/distance range

Assuming that you know What is an Fpv drone, you also need to understand that FPV flying requires some amount of skill, if you haven’t flown an RC plane before then I would recommend staying under 100 meters.

This distance can be extended with practice but is more likely to decrease the life of your drone significantly due to wind damage or crashes etc.


These types of drones are heavy and bulky which means you will need a big backpack in order for it to fit inside it without any problems.

Check if they have specific bags made for them on stores like Amazon as these might come quite handy when travelling long distances around different parts of the world.

Fpv Camera quality

Remember, this isn’t GoPro so don’t expect professional-grade videos from your first fpv drone. Look out for cameras that offer high definition footage at least up to 720 pixels wide.

How does an Fpv Drone Work?

How does an Fpv Drone Work?

An fpv drone works by using a live feed from the camera mounted on top of it to your controller.

This is what allows you to have an immersive flight experience and control the device with precision up to 100 meters away.

The quality of videos or pictures taken will depend on how good your camera is but that’s something I’ll be going over in my future blog posts so stay tuned if this sounds interesting.

What are FPV drones used for?

What are FPV drones used for?

FPV drones are mainly used for aerial photography and videography which has been made even more popular by models such as the DJI Phantom series.

This type of flying is also becoming increasingly common with many people using fpv drones to film weddings, events etc.

They can be a lot of fun too if you want to fly them around your neighbourhood or park.

If you’re looking for something more extreme then there’s always FPV racing where pilots race each other through different obstacles in the air at high speeds while wearing special goggles that give an immersive experience similar to virtual reality games like GTA V.

For beginners, however, I would recommend staying away from this unless they have a good amount of flight time under their belt.

What is FPV drone racing?

What is FPV drone racing?

FPV drone racing is a sport that involves flying small fpv drones at high speeds through obstacle-ridden courses with the use of first-person view goggles.

These allow for an immersive flight experience which makes it easier to fly and perform tricks as you’re literally seeing everything from your quadcopter’s perspective.

Races are either held indoors or outside depending on the track layout but can be quite dangerous so I would recommend being extra careful during these events or only partake in them if you have a good amount of skill, practice & patience under your belt.

What do FPV drones use?

FPV drones run off regular batteries like those used by RC cars etc. These usually last around 15 minutes per charge and must be taken out and charged after every flight session.

FPV drones usually come with a controller that operates similar to those for RC planes but can also be paired up with FPV goggles in order to get an immersive experience of what the drone is seeing at all times.

FPV drones can be a lot of fun but if you’re looking to get into the sport then make sure that you know what’s involved and take things slow
Remember, FPV flying isn’t something for everyone so don’t feel bad if it doesn’t click with you.

How much do Fpv drones cost?

FPV drones usually cost anywhere from around $100-$1500 depending on their specifications and intended use.

If this is your first time buying an fpv drone then I recommend going with something that’s not too expensive but can still hold up against wear & tear after repeated crashes etc.

This will give you more room to learn the ropes without worrying too much about damaging it in case of an accident which can happen quite often – even if you’ve been flying for years.

If you’re looking for an fpv drone under $200 them I recommend going onto Amazon or similar stores where there is a large variety available at great compared to local retailers in your area.

Are Fpv Drones legal?

Fpv drones are completely legal in most countries as long as they’re under certain weight limitations and line-of-sight rules don’t apply.

However, there have been talks recently over new laws being introduced that will limit the use of fpv drones near airports and other sensitive areas.

These laws are still only in their draft stages so it’s not something you need to worry about right now but make sure that you know what your local regulations are before buying an Fpv drone!

Our Conclusion on What is an Fpv drone

Conclusion paragraph: FPV Drone stands for “First Person View” drone. This is a type of flying quadcopter that allows the pilot to see what it sees in real-time through an attached camera, which provides flight information and video feed on their screen or goggles.

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They are popular among hobbyists who enjoy racing, but they have also been used by law enforcement agencies to patrol large areas with minimal human contact.

There are many types available ranging from inexpensive toy drones you can fly indoors to more expensive ones capable of capturing high-quality aerial photos and videos with professional-grade equipment.

If you know what an FPV Drone is, I would recommend reading my article about the best FPV Drones

As a matter of fact, Fpv drones are great for beginners because they allow them to get used to piloting these devices before moving on to bigger things such as racing drones.

If you need any more clarification on this you can leave a comment below and do not forget to share this post.

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