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What are Quadcopters Used For? 8 best Things Quadcopters can Do

Quadcopters, or drones as they are sometimes called, have been rapidly increasing in popularity over the last few years.

They can be used for anything from aerial photography to delivery services. In this blog post, we will go over 8 different ways quadcopters can be used and how you might want to use them in your own business.

What are quadcopters used for? | Uses of Quadcopter Drones

We want to start right away and share everything that quadcopters can do in a brief manner.

1. Quadcopters are used for aerial photography & Videography

Quadcopters are used for aerial photography & Videography | What are Quadcopters Used For? 8 Things Quadcopters can Do | Uses of Quadcopter Drones

One of the most popular uses for quadcopters is taking photos and videos from the air. This can be done by attaching a camera to your drone or using an action cam, like GoPro cameras.  

Aerial photography allows you to capture breathtaking shots that are impossible to take with any other camera equipment. It’s also easy because all you have to do is press record on your remote control!

You might ask yourself how professional videographers manage without drones? Well, it isn’t as simple as it sounds…

Drone professional photographers usually need specialized equipment which costs thousands of dollars in order to get great aerial footage – including cranes, helicopters, planes etc…

With quadcopters, however, anyone can afford this technology and start working professionally within a few hours.

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You can find a lot of great videos on YouTube, which were filmed with the help of quadcopters and GoPros – such as this one.

This is why you might want to consider using quadcopters for your aerial photography needs!  And if that isn’t enough reason then we don’t know what is… 🙂

2. Quadcopters can be used to deliver packages

uses of quadcopters: Quadcopters ca

Quadcopters are being used to deliver packages in various ways.

The most common way is by attaching a package with some sort of string or rope while making sure it doesn’t fall off during flight.

The quadcopter will then fly the package to its destination and land safely on the ground nearby. This can be done just about anywhere – whether you’re at your home/office/friend’s place etc…

This service has been around for quite some time now but there are still many mishaps that occur when using it because of poor GPS positioning, low battery life etc…

Consequently, you might want to stick with drones such as Yuneec Typhoon Q500 which have an excellent customer team behind them!

A good example of a company using drones to deliver goods is amazon. there are also hundreds of youtube videos showing how amazon deliver packages using drones.

3. Quadcopters can be used in search and rescue missions

Quadcopters can be used in search and rescue missions

When a disaster strikes, drones can be used to save lives by delivering supplies and equipment to those who are in need.

They have been especially helpful during the Nepal earthquake which happened back in 2015.

During this tragedy, rescuers were able to use quadcopters for aerial surveillance of many affected areas because they weren’t hindered by difficult terrain conditions as helicopters would’ve been. This allowed them to provide help where it was needed most.

This is just one example out of countless others that show how important quadcopter technology has become over these past few years…  

There’s a great video on youtube showing how first responders from the Tifton firefighter department trained with FAA officials after Hurricane Matthew hit their town.

Therefore we can conclude on this and say quadcopter drones did great work in search and rescue missions.

4. Quadcopters are used in the sport world

Quadcopters are used in the sport world | What are Quadcopters Used For? 8 Things Quadcopters can Do | Uses of Quadcopter Drones
like drone racing!

Quadcopters and drones in general, have become very popular in the sports world.

This is because they can be used for a great number of things such as surveillance from above, filming games from multiple angles etc…  

The most popular use case has been drone racing which involves using small remote-controlled vehicles at high speeds around tracks that are designed to test their skills.   

Around 2015 there were more than 200 teams competing with each other in an international race held by Drone Champions League (DCL).

The winner was awarded over $100k! This proves how much money is being invested into this new sport.

It’s also gaining popularity worldwide so you should keep your eyes open for it in the near future!

After knowing this golden information, my guess is that you want to learn how to get into drone racing.

As a matter of fact, it is not a bad idea. This means you can make money with it as well! Check out this article where we listed multiple ways to do so: How To Make Money With Drones.  

5. Quadcopters are used Law Enforcement & Military Units

Quadcopters are used Law Enforcement & Military Units

As quadcopters have become extremely popular, military and law enforcement units started using them as well.

This is because they allow for a great vision from the sky which allows officers to monitor vast areas of the land pretty much effortlessly.   

In countries such as Austria or Germany, there are already flying squads composed of drones that can be used in emergency cases where it’s simply too dangerous for people to go on site etc…  

One example would be if someone were holding hostages inside a building with an automatic weapon – the police could send a drone first to scout out what was going on before making any moves.

This kind of strategy has been proven very helpful during many high-stress situations over these few years. 

6. Quadcopters are used in Academic Research

Quadcopters are used in Academic Research

There are many universities around the world using quadcopters for research purposes due to their relatively low cost and easy setup.

They can survey areas that would otherwise be inaccessible or dangerous, monitor migratory patterns of certain animals etc…   

To give you an example, researchers at the University of Nebraska were able to use drones in order to collect data regarding cattle behaviour which is extremely hard if not impossible with traditional methods.

This allowed them to gather large quantities of accurate information within short timeframes.

Since they didn’t need any special permits, they could fly over private lands without having problems with law enforcement either so it was a win-win situation all around.    

Another great example out there has been made by students of Worcester Polytechnic Institute who were using quadcopters to gather data regarding the impact of drones on wildlife.   

Therefore best quadcopter drones are good companions when it comes to academic research.

7. Quadcopters are used in Comercial Purposes

Quadcopters are used in Commercial Purposes
like in Agriculture

Quadcopters are also used for commercial purposes for many different reasons.

One of the most popular ones is using drones in agriculture. They have been proven to be a great cost-effective solution for farmers as they help them monitor their crops and livestock remotely.   

This means that they can spot potential problems way before humans would – therefore preventing some damages from happening.  

In other words, this will allow those companies to save lots of money in the long run! This is just one example out of many though so you should definitely explore new possibilities by yourself!

8. Quadcopters are used for Fun & Hobby reasons

Quadcopters are used for Fun & Hobby reasons | What are Quadcopters Used For? 8 Things Quadcopters can Do | Uses of Quadcopter Drones

Last but not least, drones are mainly used for fun and hobby reasons.

This means that people can use them to record videos from the sky or just fly around with no purpose other than enjoying their spare time without any limits!   

One of our favourite uses is flying over nature and admiring landscapes from a bird’s perspective which gives us an amazing feeling of satisfaction.

It allows us to relax especially when under stress as it brings some peace into this crazy world we live in nowadays.

Our Conclusion on What are Quadcopters Used For?

Quadcopters are an incredibly useful tool that can be used for a variety of purposes. From law enforcement and military units to academic research, drones have proven invaluable in many different fields.

With the recent increase in quadcopter sales, it’s becoming easier than ever before to find these versatile machines online or at your local hardware store.

If you’re interested in learning more about how drones work or what they do, this Website will help get you started on understanding the basics of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

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