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10 Tips- How to Edit Your Photos like a Pro

In Today’s fast-moving Digital Photography world, taking a photo is an art but editing a photo better than any photographer is pro art.  Half of the photography work is done by capturing photographs however, the other half of work is done after enhancing the photo in a photo editing program. Once Ansel Adam said: “You don’t take a photograph, you make it.”


To clarify, if you want your photos to look more different from others and the ones you see on photography websites you might need to learn How to edit your photos like a pro.  The photo editing process is a fun way to enhance your photos.

How to edit your photos like a pro

Almost every photographer these days use some pro software to edit the images digitally. Sometimes your photos might not be taken correctly and you want to edit the whole photo in this case photo editing tools plays a vital role. But mostly not every photographer knows How to edit your photos like a pro. To fix this error and make your photos more appealing you need to visually enhance them and make them more appealing to your audience.


Learning How to edit your photos like a pro is a whole process to edit photos. If you are in need to learn How to edit your photos like a pro but you are not familiar with Adobe Lightroom and other software then this is the right place for you to learn How to edit your photos like a pro. No matter what your goal is in your life you need your audience’s attention. You are going to need professional photos for your portfolio.


If you are new to photography and want to know which Best camera under $200 I should buy then check out this article. This will help you plan better your professional presence on the platform. Instagram has become a new competitive space where people are running through high-quality photos. People are in a rage to compete with each other over photo editing.


No matter what your goal is you must be needing beautiful photos in yours. The best way to edit your Instagram photos is by using lightroom. Lightroom is a digital photo editing software which is developed by Adobe. The lightroom allows you to organize the photos taken by you, manage them and help you edit them.


Adobe Lightroom A perfect go-to go software for you to learn How to edit your photos like a pro. Your everyday photos need attention. The best of learning How to edit your photos like a pro with Adobe lightroom software is that you don’t need a computer to edit your photos like a pro. You can use your phone to edit your photos on lightroom like a pro.


Lightroom is a great tool that allows its users to use maximum features to make your photo more aesthetic and attractive for your Instagram account. Edit your photos according to your style. If you are not familiar with Adobe Lightroom you can learn How to edit your photos like a pro in this article.


Editing your Instagram photos can sound intimidating the good news is that you don’t have to wait now. You can now edit your photos like a pro on your mobile device. In this post, we will explain to you the whole process How to edit your photos like a pro in Lightroom CC mobile. Lightroom cc is available on both Play Store and Apple Store. So let’s get started.


Why use Lightroom CC for editing your Instagram photos:

Lightroom CC’s update presents to you the best feature of editing your photo with just one click. One-Click photo editing tools dramatically improves the speed of your work and give you excellent photos for a professional look for your Instagram photos.

How to edit your photos like a pro

Despite the fact, that you need to do a lot of effort and editing to make your photo enhanced in Adobe Lightroom for desktop for with this easy Lightroom presets on the mobile app and give you quick and easy access to generate your Instagram photos to the next level. You can use a pack of a selection of filters in presets. Keeping the cohesive look on your Instagram feed you can learn How to edit your photos like a pro easily.


You can also come up with your preset collection, many popular Instagram influencers are coming out with their won collection of preset and can easily achieve the same look like models. You can edit your photos like a pro easily.


How to edit your photos like a pro with Lightroom Presets on your Mobile App:


Previously known the Lightroom Presets were only accessible from desktop lightroom however Lightroom has changed its features and now since last month Adobe announced the launch of the presets and profile syncing across all the devices. Whether it’s your smartphones, tablet, or iPad you can finally use Lightroom presets on your mobile devices easily!


Lightroom has become the game-changer for anyone who was editing their photos on Instagram default editing tools only now it becomes even easier for photo editors to edit and share on the go. Without wasting much of your time, you can now edit your images with Lightroom. So fare lightroom is the most powerful photo editing tool which you can get online.


By using Lightroom presets on your mobile device you will be able to learn How to edit your photos like a pro. You can even create high-quality Instagram stories. Whether you have one of the top 10 best Camera or the best camera under $400 you can give your content a whole new look by editing your photos. Give a whole new look to your Instagram feed and upgrade your clientele.


Are you ready to get started? Here’s our article How to edit your photos like a pro on Lightroom presets on mobile. Follow the below-mentioned steps and learn How to edit your photos like a pro. Make sure you have the latest update of Lightroom CC installed on your desktop. (version 1.4 or later are okay) and Lightroom mobile (version 3.3.0 or later are suitable).


Now the next step is to sign in, by using your Adobe ID. Once your presets are been installed in your Lightroom CC Desktop (purchased presets will come along with instructions), they can automatically be synced with your Lightroom CC mobile application.


Once you see that the presets are being installed in your Desktop software make sure that Lightroom CC is synced by clicking on the cloud icon.

How to edit your photos like a pro


Now you are all set up to roll with your presets. Your presets should be now synced with your Lightroom for mobile!


The next step is, open your Lightroom CC mobile app, here you will find the presets and that you have installed and recently added photos. However, you might have to wait for a while to let the desktop sync your photos with lightroom.

How to edit your photos like a pro

Now browse your Lightroom photo library and select the photo you would like to edit.

After you have finished selecting your image you can now edit your image and select Edit from the dropdown menu, now tap the Preset button on the bottom menu to open a list of your presets.

How to edit your photos like a pro

Nets step is to click on the preset of your own choice.

You can change the selection of your preset if you are not happy with it you can just undo it by taping on the top arrow on the screen and choose a new preset to apply it instead.

You need to click on the “✓”, or press the “X” to close the preset menu without saving.


How to edit your photos like a pro


If you want to make some tweaks to your preset selection, you can easily adjust the photo settings in the toolbar at the bottom of your screen.

For instance: you can select “Light” and easily adjust the exposure, brightness, highlights,m shadows, and other common features of your photo from settings to make the final photo edit.

How to edit your photos like a pro

Now Click on the  “Export” to save your photo.

Now you are all set up to turn your Best Camera pictures into beautifully edited ones. You can share your photos in your Instagram stories, Instagram feed, or Facebook. You can also sell your photos on many online platforms and earn money. 


10 Tips- How to edit your photos like a pro:


Every day there are millions of people who capture and upload their images n Instagram accounts. Instagram has become the new trendy Marketing platform. You don’t want to let your followers down by uploading blur and bore photos. So what will attract you more users on Instagram? A perfect Photo. Yes, A photo speaks a thousand words. Portray your business’s strength by uploading nicely edit photos.

Make sure you have proper lighting for the Photoshoot:


Regardless of what your content might be you need to make sure that the photo will be perfect and have the perfect lighting. You can edit a photo that is taken in dark. However, you can increase the brightness but the picture quality will fall. Choose natural light and save your photo. Edit it later.


Use Abstract art, shapes, color, and lines 


Your Instagram photos are what defines your taste. Show the world what you are about to say to the world. Stand out of the crowd and always select focus and large frames. Focus on different elements like shapes, bright colors, and abstract street start. Capture the best around you.


Use editing software/Apps to learn How to edit your photos like a pro


If you are not a professional photographer or a professional graphic designer you can still learn how to edit your photos like a pro. You can install third-party apps on your mobile and enhance the look of your photos. Change the overall impact of your pictures. Play around with the tools of editing and use the tools rightly. Enhance color and lighting and change the background for more cooler edit.


Focus on minor edits


Many times we miss the small things in our life sometimes the small moments but never miss minor edits in our photo editing. People tend to over-edit but they don’t understand they will not be able to appeal to the audience.  While doing basic editing focus on brightness. Too much brightness will dull your photo.

Try making minor adjustments and try to make your picture look natural.


Add effects or filters of your choice


Don’t worry if you are not an expert in photo editing adding filters and effects to your photo is your own choice. You can not edit your photo instead you can just add in some filters and effects in your photo and make it look more creative and vibrant. By adding various filters and effects will enhance the quality of your photo.

Learn and practice


Perfection is never achieved overnight. You need to practice day by day just to become more expert. You need to get into different angles and try different ways to edit photos. You can use software like Photoscape, Adobe, and other mobile app software for editing images. Always be ready to focus and practice. Always post clear and sharp photos on your social media handles.

Which is your Favorite Tip about How to edit your photos like a pro?


you don’t have to be a professional photographer about How to edit your photos like a pro. You can use these above-mentioned tips and learn about more ways to engage with your audience in a more captivating way., the marketers need to work as Instagram is their hub for selling and purchasing. Photography skills not only improve your skills but also makes you earn more with your efforts.


Which of the above-mentioned tip about photo editing is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below. Do you have got some cool Tips to edit a photo like a pro? Don’t forget to share in the comment section below.




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