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How to access Laptop Camera from Android Phone in 2022

If you’re looking for ways on How to access Laptop Camera from Android Phone, then you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to do just that using a few simple steps. Keep reading for more information!

Here in this article, we will share with you the procedure on how you can access your laptop camera remotely by sitting in any corner of the world conditionally you are having good internet access to both your smartphone and your laptop.

More and more people are quitting their 9-5 jobs to do remote work and freelancing because they make more money than regular jobs.  According to a study by Global Workplace Analytics and FlexJobs, the remote workforce has increased by 159% since 2005, and remote workers will make up as much as 50% of the entire workforce by 2020, which is happening due to the ease of making money from home.

There are many third-party applications available on the internet which can be used for accessing your laptop camera from a smartphone/ control webcam from an android/droid cam.

In addition to this, we will clarify your mind by answering the frequently asked questions which help you a lot in accessing the laptop camera on your smartphone. Learn how to access laptop cameras remotely.

Why access a laptop camera remotely?

Why access a laptop camera remotely?

There are a few reasons you might want to access your laptop camera from your Android phone.

Maybe you want to use your phone as a webcam for Skype or other video-chatting applications.

Or maybe you want to be able to take pictures and videos with your laptop’s higher-quality camera.

Whatever the reason, it’s easy to do with the right tools and instructions.

How to access Laptop Camera from Android Phone

Why access a laptop camera remotely?

In this day and age, modern laptops are a necessary piece of technology for many people. They can be used for work, school, or personal reasons.

While they offer many great features, there is one downside – the webcam. Many people don’t feel comfortable having their webcam on because they can be seen by anyone who is watching.

If insecurity is the reason kindly learn how to disable your laptop webcam.

If you need to use your laptop’s webcam for a video call, and you’re not in the same room as your computer, you can use a remote access program to control the webcam from another device. in this case your smartphone.

Steps for Accessing the Laptop Camera by using “Chrome Remote Desktop”
There are so many applications available but we are sharing with you the most popular and easy interface application which is “Chrome Remote Desktop”.

Step 01: Download Chrome Remote Desktop

How to access a Laptop Camera from an Android Phone

Here firstly you can start by downloading the program or software named “Chrome Remote Desktop”, this would give access to your laptop or computer to be accessed from other devices.

Step 02: Naming

How to access a Laptop Camera from an Android Phone

After this, a box appears on your laptop or computer screen in which you will be asked to name your computer or laptop and become a host for a remote connection.

Step 03: Set password or pin

How to access a Laptop Camera from an Android Phone

This step consists of security measures, here a window will appear in which you have to put your security PIN ( Personal Identification Number ).

Furtherly you will need this PIN to sign in to your google account. Further, you will see a pop-up window in which asked you permission and after committing “Yes” your laptop will initiate a remote connection.

Step 04: Authentication

How to access a Laptop Camera from an Android Phone

You can now go for any other laptop or system and install the same from the web and sign in to your google account as you are done with the host computer.

You can search your laptop with the name you tagged it and connect it by giving the PIN.

By joining the other computer you can synchronize clipboards between the host and another laptop of computer. In this way, you can easily connect the laptop camera to the phone.

Step 05: Accessing the laptop from mobile

How to access a Laptop Camera from an Android Phone

Now what we are seeking is accessing the laptop from mobile.

For this purpose, you have to download “Chrome Remote Desktop” on your smartphone and make sure that your smartphone is signed in from the same account as the host laptop or computer.

Step 06: Acess it all

How to access a Laptop Camera from an Android Phone

Now you are in a position to access any file, folder, picture, or movie or you can say you can have the laptop into your smartphone.

Now you can use the webcam on your smartphone smartly and simply. You can access webcam remotely windows 10.


In this article, How to access a Laptop Camera from Android Phone, we have answered all of the questions which occur in your mind regarding accessing the camera from your smartphone.

Also, we have additionally shared with you a step-by-step procedure in a basic and simple way that you can follow to get learn How to access a Laptop Camera from an Android Phone smartphone.

This article How to access a Laptop Camera from Android Phone would help you. Despite the fact where are you working, you are living in any corner of the world.

You just need a good internet connection for both devices the host and the other & you can have full control of the machine to access a Laptop Camera from Android Phone

The steps involved to access a Laptop Camera from Android Phone; would make you easily and freely control the access.

It’s one of the most secure applications nowadays for this purpose and the security feature makes it useable at the office level where there are hundreds of employees working.

This application can also be used for many other purposes at the same time.  In short, this is one of the most popular third-party applications for accessing laptop cameras from smartphones.           

We are clear and confident that after reading our article you will be able to understand not only how to access the laptop camera from your smartphone but also to full access of the laptop to files and folders which make your life easier.

You can also watch the Tutorial about How to access a Laptop Camera from an Android Phone attached below:

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is the subscription fee for Chrome Remote Desktop?

    It is free and it has no monthly or annual charges so far. But if you want to avail of the Chrome Remote Desktop for a corporate office then you have to avail of it with all features at 207 dollars per month which provide you to connect 30 users at a time to manage 500 devices.

  2. Is this safe to transfer files on Chrome Remote Desktop?

    This is a fact that there is a bit chance of implicit risk involvement while transferring the files or data using third-party applications but Chrome Remote Desktop is a safe program designed with high-security protocols to avoid such breaches. So, this is a riskless and protected application used for transferring the data.

  3. Are there any specific requirements for the laptop to install Chrome Remote Desktop on it?

    Yes, your laptop, computer, or MAC Book must have the Google Chrome browser on the system to run Chrome Remote Desktop smoothly. Moreover, you must have good internet connectivity.

  4. For how much time you can use Chrome Remote Desktop?

    You would disconnect the session after having your required file or viewing your super store through your laptop camera. But there is also a time frame defined by application developers, there is an access code or you may consider that as a one-time password to understand what the application or software asked you after every minute passed while the connectivity between the devices.

  5. How much RAM is enough for running Chrome Remote Desktop on my laptop?

    After installing the Chrome Remote Desktop on your laptop if you are not facing the halt situation while running the programs on your laptop in this case 8GB of RAM is more than enough in some cases you can also use 4GB of RAM.  

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