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Can laptop hinges be repaired? & How to fix it in 2022

In this tech era, we use our powerful laptops for many things, its like we depend on them. We use them to attend meetings, watch movies, play games, talk to our friends living in other countries of the world through skype, and use Zoom to attend our meetings.

Laptop hinges are an important, yet often overlooked component of the device. They play a crucial role in both the stability and longevity of your laptop.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss reasons why laptop hinges break, if laptop hinges can be repaired, and how to repair laptop hinges.

We’ll also provide some tips and measures for extending the life of your laptop hinge. Read on to learn more!

Can laptop hinges be repaired?

Can laptop hinges be repaired?

Yes, laptop hinges can be repaired or rather fixed. Although it can be a difficult and time-consuming task.

The first step is to identify the problem areas. Common issues include loose screws, stripped threads, or damaged hinge joints.

Once the problem areas have been identified, it is important to disassemble the laptop and clean all of the parts. For this, I would strongly recommend that you learn how to clean a laptop the right way.

Next, the damaged parts must be replaced or repaired.

Finally, the laptop must be reassembled and tested to ensure that the repairs have been successful.

Why do laptop hinges break?

Why do laptop hinges break?

Laptop hinges can break for a number of reasons. The most common reason is due to wear and tear. Over time, the screws that hold the hinge in place can become loose.

The constant opening and closing of the laptop can also cause the hinge joints to become damaged or stripped. In some cases, manufacturing defects can also lead to hinge failure.

How does a laptop hinge work?

How does a laptop hinge work?

Laptop hinges are designed to provide a smooth, consistent opening and closing action for the lid of the laptop. The hinge consists of two parts:

the base, which is attached to the body of the laptop, and the lid, which is attached to the screen. The hinge allows the lid to rotate on a vertical axis, while the base remains stationary.

Laptop hinges are under a lot of stress and tension, which can lead to wear and tear over time. Additionally, the constant opening and closing action can cause the screws to become loose or the hinge joints to become damaged.

How can I prevent my laptop hinges from breaking?

How can I prevent my laptop hinges from breaking?

There are a few measures that you can take to prevent your laptop hinges from breaking. The first is to regularly check the screws and make sure that they are tightened.

It is also important to avoid putting too much stress on the hinges by not opening the laptop too far.

Finally, it is important to use the laptop on a stable surface to avoid putting undue strain on the hinges.

By following these simple tips, you can help to extend the life of your laptop hinge and prevent costly repairs.

How to repair laptop hinges

How to repair laptop hinges

Your laptop hinges may become loose over time, which can lead to an improper display or keyboard closure.

In this section of the blog post, we will show you how to repair laptop hinges using a few simple tools.

Keep in mind that different models and brands of laptops may have different hinge designs, so be sure to consult your laptop’s manual for specific instructions.

without father ado, let us fix the laptop hinge step by step.
Here are steps some steps which will help you to repair the hinges of your laptop:

Step one: Basic laptop repair tools

Step one: Basic laptop repair tools

There are some tools that are a must-have for any basic laptop repair. You will need a small Phillips head screwdriver, a spudger, and tweezers.

You may also need a putty knife or flat head screwdriver to help pry open the case of your laptop. If you are unsure about any of these tools, feel free to consult an electronics repair specialist.

Step two: Shut down your laptop and unplug it from any power source

Step two: Shut down your laptop and unplug it from any power source

Before you begin any repair, it is important to shut down your laptop and unplug it from any power source. This will help to prevent any accidental damage to your device

Step three: Acess the damage

Can laptop hinges be repaired?

It is a good practice to have a plan before doing anything. You need to assess the damage and see what needs to be done in order to fix it.

In most cases, loose screws are the main culprit behind broken laptop hinges. However, you may also need to replace damaged hinge joints or strip threads.

Once you have a clear understanding of the damage, you can begin the repair process.

Step four: Remove the battery

Step four: Remove the battery

The next step is to remove the battery from your laptop. This can usually be done by unscrewing a few screws on the bottom of the device.

Once the battery is removed, you will have better access to the hinge area.

Step five: Unscrew the hinge covers

Step five: Unscrew the hinge covers

Most laptop hinges are covered by small plastic caps. These caps can be removed by unscrewing the screws that hold them in place.

Once the caps are removed, you will be able to see the inner workings of the hinge.

Step six: Inspect the hinge for damage

How to repair laptop hinges | Step six: Inspect the hinge for damage

Carefully inspect the hinge for any damage. If you see any stripped threads or damaged hinge joints, you will need to replace these parts.
If loose screews are the problem, then you will need to remove these and replace them with new ones.

Make sure to use the same size and type of screw so that the repair is secure. However, if the problem is the whole laptop hinge then you basically need to replace it with a new one.

Step seven: Replace the hinge covers and test your repair

Step seven: Replace the hinge covers and test your repair

Once the repair is complete, you can replace the hinge covers and screw them into place.

Now is a good time to test your repair by opening and closing the laptop. If the hinge feels loose or the repair does not seem secure, you may need to repeat the process.

Keep in mind that this is a delicate repair, so take your time and be careful not to damage any other parts of your laptop.

What if I cannot fix my laptop hinge?

What if I cannot fix my laptop hinge?

I would say it’s worth a try and proud that ego has not gotten the better part of you.
If you can not fix your laptop hinge I would strongly recommend seeking help from a laptop technician or finding a friend who can help you with it.

How much does it cost to repair HP laptop hinge?

How much does it cost to repair HP laptop hinge?

The cost of repairing a laptop hinge will vary depending on the type of damage and the model of the laptop. In most cases, you can expect to pay between $20 and $60 for parts and labour.

However, if the damage is extensive or you need to replace the entire hinge, the cost may be closer to $90.

What is a laptop hinge made of?

What is a laptop hinge made of?

Laptop hinges are made from a variety of materials, including metal, plastic, and composite. The type of material used will depend on the manufacturer and the model of the laptop.

In most cases, the hinges are made from a strong metal alloy that can withstand repeated use. However, some cheaper models may use plastic or composite materials that are more prone to damage.

Our recommendation when it comes to laptop hinges.

We recommend buying the best laptops for everyday use, these laptops are usually more expensive but the saying goes “you get what you pay for”. The best laptops usually have metal hinges that will last longer than plastic or composite hinges.

We also recommend getting laptop insurance or a warranty in case your laptop breaks and you need to repair or replace it. This can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Lastly, we recommend being careful with your laptop and not putting too much strain on the hinges. This can help prevent damage and extend the lifespan of your device.


First and foremost we have answered the query on can laptop hinges be repaired, We have shared with you how to identify or locate the problem in which there are possibilities like hinges getting loose and creating the voices we can hear, the dust factor, and the screw becoming loose.

Further, we have shared with you how to tackle the situation. In this part of the article, you will see the questions being answered in a way that adequately addresses your problem.

Moreover, we have shared the steps which assure you of how to repair the laptop hinges and understandably.

We are confident that after reading our article, you will be able to repair your laptop hinges and can also help your friends if they are facing the same or related problem regarding laptop hinges.



What is the sign of broken hinges?

There are some signs which indicate the damaged hinges. Some can be pretty viewed, and some cannot be viewed.

There is a chance of physical damage, which can be viewed easily. You may not be able to set the screen at the same point due to damaged hinges which show it is damaged.

This shows that the screw holding up the screen is loose and needs to be tight. This is just because the hole in which the screw is screwed up gets to expand.            

Is it essential to have the machine screwdrivers for fixing the laptop hinges?

It depends upon the manufacturer whom they are assembling the products keeping in mind its service or repairing requirements.

However, nowadays, it is possible for an ordinary person interested in doing little technical things with the laptop’s hardware.

So, there is no need for specially designed equipment to do a minor update for the hardware.

Can I give my laptop to the manufacturer for repairing and fixing the hinges?

Are laptop hinges covered under warranty? Not all the manufacturers of laptops are giving the after-sale service regarding repairing hinges.

However, some of the laptop manufacturing companies are offering the service of all the hardware, including LCD, which they add the service fees and repair all of the components with their terms and conditions.

Is there any offer for the replacement of hinges?

Replacement can only be made if the manufacturer can take an order to replace the hinges.

More importantly, it would help if you kept in mind sharing the serial number and model name while ordering the replacement.

What is the function of hinges in a laptop?

On both sides of the laptop, there is a hinge. The primary purpose of the hinges is to open or close the laptop’s screen while starting or shutting down the laptop’s operating system.

The hinges get damaged or become loose with the continuous use of the laptop while opening and closing.  

What is extra care for laptop hinges while travelling?

It will help if you put your laptop in a backpack or laptop bag to avoid any damage occurring during travelling.


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