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Best Tablets Under 300 | 2021 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

You might have a mindset that $300 is a tight budget that will be hard to find a good tablet in this range. Well, as of time, technology has modified a lot. From high-range to low-range, varieties of quality tablets are present. So having a budget of $300 is not a problem anymore. Hence Best Tablets under 300 review

Top 2 Best Tablets Under $300

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A
  • Fire HD 10

We can understand you’re feeling about how painful it is to shop for something on a tight budget. It’s 2020, and many brands have manufactured quality products even under a low range.

In this article, we are sharing with you the top 7 best tablets under $300. You did not found these tablets the best, but under this price range, these tablets are good enough to provide you with day-to-day chores easily.

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Comparison Table for Top 7 Best Tablets Under $300

Product NameCustomer RatingQualityCheck Price
Samsung Galaxy Tab A
HighBuy Now
Lenovo Tab M1095/100High Buy Now
Fusion594/100High Buy Now
Winnovo T10 91/100 High Buy Now
Fire HD 1089/100Medium Buy Now

We also had the gut feeling that how’s possible that under $300 there will be any good tablet available? But when we investigate it, we got shocked! There was a pretty good variety of tablets under $300 is available. So, we thought about why not share it with you?

To provide you with quality information and to end your problem with this tight budget shopping, here we have made a list of the top 7 tablets under $300. We can bet that you will also be shocked when you will see the products. So, without any further due, let’s get it!

1) Samsung Galaxy Tab A: Our Top Best

best tablets under 300 reviews

Starting the list of 7 best tablets under $300 with Samsung Galaxy Tab A. Samsun is one of the leading and best electronic gadgets manufacturers. Every of its product, a laptop, tablets or even smartphones, each one is of out-class quality.

Galaxy series is one of the finest series of Samsung brand. This Galaxy Tab A is the best tablet under $300.

Having 10 inches large screen size with a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels. The Octa-core processor of this Galaxy Tab A is of 1.8 GHz processor. Having 2 GB RAM for better performance and storage.

If you are the type of person who loves to take pictures, then this tablet is good for you. Galaxy Tab A has an 8 MP Rear Camera and a 5 MP Front Camera, perfect for video calling. If you want to have more data, then you can add a Micro SD card.

For the effortless sharing of data, Tab A has wireless connectivity features as Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth. Despite its large screen, Tab A is very convenient to hold and carry due to its lightweight.

Although Galaxy Tab A is one of the oldest tablets, its performance still makes it the most recommended and used tablet.

  • Ergonomic design
  • Large screen size
  • Support Micro SD card
  • No HD display
  • Not recommended for Netflixing
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2) Lenovo Tab M10: Runner Up

best tablets under 300 reviews

Lenovo is one of the most loving and famous tablet brands. If you are a college or school student then nothing can be better than this tablet.

Due to its large screen and full HD resolution, it is perfect for online video lectures and meetings. Although many tablets are present in the market that provide quality video calling, under this price range Lenovo Tab M10 is the best option.

Light in weight hence easy to carry. Lenovo M10 weighs only 1.5 pounds. To perform wireless connectivity, M10 has Wi-Fi-, Bluetooth and GPS. Another remarkable feature that M10 has, it is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 429. It is unique.

Efficient in performance and quick in response, you can easily run multiple apps at a time without the fear of hanging. If you want to enjoy more storage, then you can add a Micro SD card.

This M10 tablet is perfect for outdoor use. It has an automatic brightness setter that adjusts the brightness according to need.

Have a 5 MP Rare and 2 MP Front cameras. Compared to other tablets, this Lenovo M 10 is one of the finest tablets present on our list. Lenovo is a trusted brand for many years, deciding it as your brand will be a wise decision.

  • Large screen size
  • Full HD display
  • Support Micro SD card
  • Poor camera status
  • No fingerprint reader

3) Fusion5: Best Lightweight Tablet

best tablets under 300 reviews

If you are the kind of person who loves to travel with gadgets, then Fusion5 is the best tablet that you can have. Extremely light in weight, have large HD display with a powerful storage capacity, what you can ask more?

Talking about its features, it has a screen size of 10 inches with 1200 x 800 resolutions. Battery life extended only up to 5 hours and 1.30 pounds in weight.

Powered by Windows 10 OS. Its processor is 1.83 GHz Octa-Core. Its stylish body will make you its fan at the very first glance.

The video and picture quality of this Fusion5 tablet is also fine. It has 5 MP Rare and 2 MP Front cameras.

 Its most remarkable feature is its powerful storage. You can enjoy many videos and other games on this Windows Fusion5 tablet without getting hang.

$300 is a pretty small price range, but Fusion5 is providing you with many out-class features, even in this price tag.

Its ultra-slim and sleek body make it fit in every place. Are you looking for something more? Then have this. Fusion5 has Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi for wireless connectivity. So, what you can ask more? Go and grab the best tablet from the 7 best tablets under $300.

  • Ultra-slim and sleek
  • Stylish body
  • Powerful storage capacity
  • Large and full HD screen
  • Poor camera quality

4) Winnovo T10: Best Portable Tablet

best tablets under 300 reviews

By name, it may sound like the brother or sister of Lenovo, but in reality, there is nothing like that. Winnovo is a trustworthy tablet brand for many years. This T10 model, by name, seems like a cricket match, but it’s not. Okay, going back to the topic!

This T10 tablet lay so many out-class features within it, from its look to its function, everything is up to class. Have 3 GB RAM, which is perfect for Netflixing and Video gaming. The 10.1 inches large screen adds some sprinkles of extra performance to this T10 tablet.

Its 1280 x 800-pixel resolution IPS display and great brightness give you an excellent experience. With dual-band Wi-Fi, you can enjoy internet services without any distortion and error.

Winnovo T10 is very light in weight and feels very relaxing in your hands. If you want to carry it for travelling then you are on the right path.

The foremost impressive feature of the T10 is its 6000 MAh battery which extends up to 14 hours of continuous use! Isn’t it amazing?

Winnovo T10 is a good choice for you if you love to take pictures and videos but are not concerned about the quality.

  • Powerful battery life
  • large display
  • Light in weight
  • Cheap cameras quality

5) Fire HD 10 Best in the Business

best tablets under 300 reviews

Although $300 is a pretty small amount, still in this price tag, Fire HD 10 is the best tablet that can have. Our list of 7 best tablets under $300 is about to end.

This Fire HD 10 tablet is the best tablet in the business. So affordable, easy to use, large full HD display, with 1920 x 1200-pixel resolution, everything is up to requirement.

The most eye-catching feature of this Fire HD 10 is its Front Camera, which is 21 MP! Yes, 21 MP. Along with the amazing camera result, another remarkable feature is its storage of 32 GB and 1 GB RAM.

Battery life is extended up to 7 hours.

How can we forget to mention Alexa? Fire HD 10 is compatible with Alexa, which makes it too easy for you to use it free-handily.

  • Reasonable price tag
  • Alexa compatible
  • Out-class Front Camera
  • Powerful performance
  • Poor Rare camera

6) LG G Pad 5 Slim Tablet

best tablets under 300 reviews

LG G Pad 5 is a new entry into the world of tablets. Despite being new in this industry, Pad 5 has made its place very quickly. Like every tablet, LG G Pad 5 also has the same classic features, but the most distinguishing feature it has is 4G connectivity.

The large screen of 10.1 inches with 1920 x 1200-pixels resolution displays, and has classic colour contrast. There is a fact that most of the LG products are pretty expensive, but in the case of G Pad 5, there is an exception. G Pad 5 is pretty affordable.

The Front has 5MP, and the Rare has an 8 MP camera. Have 4 GB RAM for power pack performance and storage. LG G Pad 5 deserves to be listed in the list of 7 best tablets under $300.

  • Powerful battery life
  • Slim body
  • Poor cameras

7) Samsun Galaxy Tab A 8.0: Last but not least

best tablets under 300 reviews

Here we are at the last tablet of our list of 7 best tablets under $300. We believed that it will be hard to find a tablet under this price range, but later on, we realized that it’s not that hard as we were assuming it.

Samsung is here for the second time on our list. Galaxy series, as we have mentioned before that, it is the finest series that Samsung has manufactured till now.

This tablet is super lightweight, slim, and easy to carry. The built-in battery extends up to the whole day.

The shape and size of this Galaxy Tab-A 8.0 are slim and large. The display size is 8.0 inches with a 1280 x 800 resolution display.

  • Extended battery life
  • Full HD display
  • Cheap camera quality

Buying Guide for Top 7 Best Tablets under 300

Many people will have the concept of what is the need of doing research! However, you are only spending $300. Okay, we accept that $300 is not that big amount, but at least it’s small that you can spend it on anything blindly. Research before purchasing is a must thing.

Even in this tight budget, there are still a few things that you need to check before picking a tablet for yourself. From its size to its weight to its RAM capacity, everything matters! So, before you spend your money, check out the list.

1. It’s Processor

Tablet’s performance is greatly dependent on its processor. The high will be the processor, the greater will be the performance. However, choosing a high-end or a low-end processor is up to your usage. If you want to have a tablet for only reading, searching, and saving purposes, then a low-end processor will be enough for you.

And if you want to have a tablet for high-end gaming, Netflixing, and research work, then you need a high-end processor. Work according to your requirement, not to bits of advice.

2. Operating System

This fact really confuses a person’s mind. You can decide which size you want, which color is perfect, and how much storage you want, but when comes to decide an OS, everyone becomes blank! Basically, there are two types of OS found in tablets, Android and Apple i-OS.

These two are best in their shoes. There is a 50-50 priority half prefer Android, and half Apple i-OS, But it’s up to your choice that which one you like and find easy to use.

3. Display Size

Well, believe it or not, but the screen size of the tablet truly matters. It will affect performance in many ways. If you are a game lover and having a tablet for gaming purposes then, you can understand that having a large screen for video games is not less than a blessing.

Other than gaming, video calling, online meetings, researching, the size of the tablet screen matters. In our list of 7 best tablets under $300, we have mentioned the tablet that has a screen size of around 8.4 inches- 10.8 inches. These screen sizes are good enough to fulfil all circular activities.

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4. RAM

How’s is that possible that we can forget RAM while mentioning the important feature of tablets? RAM is known as “Random Access Memory”. You can figure out the importance of RAM by the fact that it is responsible for saving all the temporary data and guiding the system that which step is needed to take.

Choosing a high-end RAM or a low-end RAM is up to your usage. 2 GB Ram is enough for simple reading, searching, and saving purposes.

For heavy video gaming and research, 4 GB RAM is a good option. However, more RAM range tablets are also available in the market, but we all are smart enough to understand that they will charge more.

5. Battery Life

You can’t ignore the importance of this fact. We all know that tablets are small devices, which means that you can take them wherever you want. Having a good tablet is a blessing, but if its battery timing is lower than average then, sorry to say, you are not blessed!

Those tablets whose battery life is null are literally a headache, all time you have to keep looking for sockets to charge your tablet. If you want to avoid having this headache then pick a tablet whose battery life is at least 10 hours on a single charge.

Our Pick​

All tablets in the list of 7 best tablets under $300 are phenomenal at their places. Even under this price range, they are providing remarkable performance. Among all the 7, those which we think are the topmost best are,

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A
  • Fire HD 10

These two are the finest products. From their size, weight, resolution, screen display, and storage, everything is remarkable. So, if your mind also says yes for them, then even waste a single second and grab any of these two.

Our Conclusion best tablets under 300 dollars

Finding a product in a tight budget range is that difficult as we were thinking of it. In this article, we shared with you the 7 best tablets under $300. All these tablets are quality best tablets under this price tag. Spend your money on something valid this time.

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Do prefer your choice and the thing that we mentioned in the buying guide. We always try our level best to provide quality content to you. After this article, we hope that you can proudly say that $300 is a problem anymore, you can still find quality tablets under this range.

Lastly, make notes before going to shop for the tablet (not that typical notes but at least your every requirement). Do spend your money on something outstanding.

Happy Shopping to you!

FAQ for the best tablets under 300

  1. Which screen size is better?

    The screen size varies from brand to brand and from model to model. If you are using a tablet for simple home use like searching, chatting, and storing then, 8 inches screen display is enough for you. However, if you want a tablet for video gaming and research, then at least prefer a 10 inches screen size for better performance.

  2. Which storage is better for a tablet, 32 or 64?

    Well, this case is simple as this, more GB more storage capacity. There is no doubt that 32 GB is also a good number, but if you want to enjoy storage capacity, then have 64 GB. But keep one thing in mind that what is your use there is no need to have 64 GB storage if your usage is not up to that level.

  3. What should be the least battery life of the tablet?

    If you want to enjoy more tablet performance, then prefer a high battery life tablet. On our list of 7 best tablets under $300, we have mentioned so many tablets that have a battery life of a minimum of 7 hours and a maximum of 14 hours. The good rule of thumb says that the least battery life that you should prefer is 9 hours.

  4. What should be the wireless feature present in the tablet?

    Wireless connectivity has made our life very easy. No need to connect your devices using cables, just connect your device with another using a wireless feature. The most used wireless connectivity is Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and 4G. However, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are the top most used connectivity features.

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