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Best Tablets Under 200 | 2021 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

To work remotely you not only require a stable Internet connection but a trustworthy device too.

Considering the impact COVID-19 brought on the economy, we have compiled a list of all trustworthy best tablets under 200 dollars.

Comparison table for Top 5 Best Tablets Under $200

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1) Lenovo Tab 4

best tablet under 200 reviewsYes, it was released back in September 2017 but don’t worry its hardware is still capable of carrying out many tasks. For starters, it features a Full HD (1280X800) resolution with wide-angle views. The display will not only be good for Netflix or games but will provide you with enough screen area to easily carry out your professional tasks.

This awesome display is paired with the Dolby Atmos(Dual Speakers placed on the front ) sound providing not only crips colors but crystal clear audio too. These are good for mini speakers considering that you are alone. It is powered by the Qualcomm MSM8917 (64-bit processor) featuring 4 cores and clock speeds of up to 1.4Ghz.

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  • This processor is paired with 2 gigs of RAM and a storage of 16GB that can be expanded up to 128GB using a Micro SD card.  The Tablet also supports 4G along with the support for Bluetooth 4.0 and a single channel(2.4Ghz) WiFi. As for Cameras you are provided with dual cameras, one at the front and one at the back. The front one is 2MP while the back one is 5MP.
  • You get all this in two colors, Black and White. It also is compact as it is weighed in at 320G or 0.71lbs and the dimensions are 124mm length, 211mm width, and height of 8.3mm. It operates on Android Nougat and now it might be operating on Android Oreo or Pie due to the updates you receive. I am not sure whether it receives updates now.
  • The tablet also has an awesome Amazon Alexa. This allows you to effectively use your tablets, you can open Netflix through voice command, you can ask Alexa to give directions to let’s say from your house to the nearest Starbucks, etc, In short, it’s like your virtual personal assistant but a machine. Moreover, there is also a child-friendly variant in the tablet.
  • In this variant, you not only get a shockproof cover, blue light filtering screen protector but the tablet will also allow you to filter out any inappropriate content that is available on the Internet. You can also get relevant controls like the timer on apps, passwords, location of the device once connected to the Internet, etc. In short, everything is essential for kids’ safety.
  • The tablet is pretty good for family use and for graphic designers, illustrators, or people who are into creating stuff.


  • The screen is very good
  • It is user friendly
  • The camera quality is good


  • The battery is limited
  • There is not an update of OS

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2) Fire HD 10

best tablet under 200 reviewsThis tablet is from Amazon and belongs to the Fire HD family. The 10th version of the Fire HD 10 was launched back in September 2011 hence it is too outdated but it’s pretty good too. Yeah, I know a lot can change in the long span of 3 years but the budget is tight too.

As for the technical specifications of the tablet, it features a Quad-Core processor that can reach clock speeds of up to 1.8Ghz, unfortunately, it is not mentioned who is the manufacturer of the Quad Core processor. This Quad-Core processor is paired with 2GB RAM and for storage, users are provided with two options:  32GB out of which 21GB is available for use upon the first boot and for the 64GB variant you will get about 54 GB available for use.


  • The good news is that you can expand the storage through a Micro SD card, the HD 10 supports a Micro SD card of up to 256GB.  The HD 10 features a 10.1 inches IPS panel that features a FullHD resolution (1920X1080) and a pixel density of 224. The display is fully laminated too. Dual Speakers are also provided with Dolby Atmos.
  • All these components are powered by a battery that can provide a battery life of up to 10 hours when the tablet performs various tasks like web surfing, content consumption, etc. The battery takes less than 5 hours to charge using its original charger and adapter while you may require more time when charged through another charger and cable as the technical specifications might be different, the quality might be inferior, etc.
  • The tablet also features WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity but it lacks support for 4G. It also features a Microphone too. As for the camera, the front camera is a VGA camera while the back one is 2MP. The tablet weighs 17.7 ounces or 500 grams where the length is 10.3 inches, the width is 6.3 inches and the height is 0.4 inches.
  • It operates on an Android lollipop and is available in unique colors, it is available in Black Red, and Blue. The HD also features Amazon Alexa along with a month’s trial to Amazon Prime and access to Amazon Library and kid’s content to make it child-friendly. Alexa voice command and the show mode make the tablet hand-free, you can view content, send messages, take a screenshot with just a voice command.


  • The battery timing is good
  • The display is great
  • RAM is strong
  • It has a durable structure
  • It is user-friendly.


  • WIFI issue
  • Selecting of application is not good

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3) Samsung Galaxy A(8 inches)

best tablet under 200 reviewsThis A series was released on July 5, 2019, and 3 variants were released, with different screen sizes and today we are discussing the 8-inch variant.

We don’t know what the A stands for A but a look at the details and the features tell that it might be an abbreviation for Awesome. When purchasing a tablet you require a great display and this tablet is made by Samsung so there’s no saying on that as Samsung is known to make the best displays. The tablet features an 8 inch TFT display where the color depth is around 16M.


  • As for the resolution it is 1280X800. If we talk about the processor, the Qualcomm processor has a clock speed of 2GHz, features 4 cores, and is paired up with 2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage. Upon your first boot, you are entitled to around 21 GB of space. The storage can be easily expanded through a Micro SD card and it can support an SD card of up to 128Gbs. The awesome display is paired with an awesome pair of speakers and a dual audio jack. A dual audio jack is capable of utilizing both the mic and speakers of the device connected provided that it also features a mic. If we discuss the camera, it features a front and a back camera, the front camera is 2MP whereas the back camera is 8MP with autofocus and it can record at a 1080p resolution at 30 frames.
  • If we talk about connectivity, the tablet is capable of supporting a network sim along with the support for 4G. It also features WiFI and Bluetooth. All of this hardware is powered by a 5000 mAh battery that can provide a battery life of up to 9 to 10 as advertised by Samsung. This battery takes a little more than 3 hours using the USB 2.0 port provided.
  • Samsung has also considered the compatibility stuff as well, the tablet weighs in at 347g and is designed to be more handy and easy to carry. As for the dimension, the length is 8.27 inches, the width is 4.90 inches and the height is 0.31 inches.
  • The tablet is also made Kid friendly through Samsung Kids. Once pressed, the tablet will be in Kids mode and will filter inappropriate content, apply a blue light filter and take other measures to ensure kids are safe while surfing on the internet. The mode also allows kids to take control of the usage.


  • It has Hd screen
  • The battery timing is good
  • It has cameras with High Resolution
  • Its design is incredible


  • It is a bit heavy

4) Apple iPad Air 2

We all know about Apple, Apple is known for its innovative, durable, and quality products. Apple has been able to keep up with its reputation with regards to its Ipad too. Yeah we know that itbest tablet under 200 reviews was released way back in October 2014, that’s more than 6 years but as I said it’s Apple.

 Even today it is considered to be good for everyday use hence it can easily run light apps like zoom making it perfect for teachers and students, The battery life may be an issue now but that can be fixed too by just installing a new battery.

If we leap the technical specifications of the Apple iPad Air 2, it featured Ipad IOS 8.1 upon release which might be upgraded to the latest version of the Apple IOS as Apple offers support for quite a long period of time and with this the supported till now. With that being said, it is upgradable to Ipad  IOS 14 now.


The processor featured is the 20nm Apple A8x which is capable of achieving a clock speed of 1.5Ghz using its three cores. As for the RAM size, it is 2GB. This 2GB RAM is paired with many storage options starting from 16GB and ending at 128GB where in between we have 32GB and 64Gb options. The sad news is that there’s no option to upgrade the storage so in case the storage runs short you either have to let go of some of the stuff, back it up, upgrade the Ipad if you have some extra cash lying around or your last resort is the I cloud.

Apple is also known for its camera and for the year 2014 the camera is pretty good, the back camera is 8MP with autofocus, HDR. The back camera can record at 1080 FPS with 30 frames per second and at 720p  where the FPS is 120. The back camera also features face detection. As for the front camera, it is 1.2MP with facetime support, face detection, and the ability to record at 720p with 30FPS.

The Air 2 comes in both the sim and non-sim where both the variants support WiFI Bluetooth, GPS and USB lightning 2.0. The Air 2 features a 9.7 inches IPS LCD Display and the display features a resolution of 1536 x 2048 pixels along with a 264-pixel density. The display also has a 4:3 ratio. There are store speakers provided too.

All this hardware is powered by a 7340mah non-removable battery that Apple claims can provide a battery life of up to 10th when multimedia is played. The Battery took a sweet 7 to 11 hours to charge. AS far as the dimensions are concerned, Air 2 has a length of 9.45 inches, a width of 6.67 inches, and a height of 0.24 inches. The Air 2 weighs in at 444g.

Some extra features of the Air 2 are that it features Siri(Apple’s personal assistant) and a front-mounted fingerprint. This may look normal now but was a big deal back in 2014.


  • The battery timing is good
  • Budget-friendly
  • The screen is very sharp
  • Wifi facility


  • There is no SD/memory card slot

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5) Lenovo Tab M10 plus

best tablet under 200 reviewsThis tablet features a Quad-Core processor paired with 32Gigsof expandable storage and 2GB RAM. The M10 plus features a 10.3 inches Display. The display has a 1080p resolution. It operates on Android 9 pie. As for communication technology, it features Wi-Fi Bluetooth, and GPS. The tablet only features a Rear Camera.


  • Lenovo claims that it can provide a battery life of up to 7 hours when consuming multimedia and a battery life of up to 8 hours when surfing is done. The tablet also has an 8MP back IR camera and a 5MP front camera.  The tablet also features a children-friendly mode
  •  The M10 plus also has dual speakers and they also feature Dolby Atmos. As far as the dimensions and weight are concerned the tab weighs in at 460g where the length is 9.61 inches, the width is 6.04 inches and the height is 0.32 inches. Our list consists of old tablets don’t worry this is one is the latest one with the release date being 27 March 2020.
  • The ports provided include: Audio Jack (Aux port), Micro SD card slot in case the built-in storage becomes insufficient for you and obviously we have the charging port. Besides all these awesome technical features there are some other useful features provided too. A 4850 mah non-removable battery is provided that as per Lenovo can provide a battery life of 20 hours.


  • Battery timing is great
  • It is user friendly
  • Hd screen
  • The sound quality is good


  • It seems not so fast when you use it

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All these tablets have been selected after intensive research. We hope that these tablets will be useful for every professional who can use tablets for their work. Moreover, students, normal users will also find it helpful who want to be in the market for a new laptop but are on a tight budget.

Buying Guide for best tablets under 200

We will show you what to look for in a tablet when you decide to buy it. Our expert’s tab, touch and turn the tables to make sure you get your money’s worth. This buying guide will arm you with our expert’s knowledge. Let’s jump into it.

The size of the screen

When it comes to buying tablets people generally look at the screen if it’s small or medium or large. It depends on the individual what their preferences are. If you want a small screen then go for it. But when it comes to tablets with big screens they also have additional qualities. But choose wisely and what is the reason for buying the tablet-like is it for work purpose or entertainment.

Productivity or Entertainment

When it comes to tablets having a small screen makes them easy to use and their small size allows you to use them for performing your daily tasks. But when you need to do more work it will require a big screen for you to do it efficiently. You will be able to increase your productivity because it will have a large battery timing as well.


Screen resolution

Greater the screen resolution, the greater the picture quality. When you go to buy a tablet take a look at how the tablet captures the photos. If it has a high resolution or not. Because the more it will be, the more you will be able to see pictures in more detail. In short screen resolution is one of the useful features in determining the versatility of a tablet.


The storage comes in handy. So, when you buy a tablet from any manufacturer. Look at the storage. If the tablet has more storage capacity you will be able to use it and store your information more effectively. But if the tablet’s storage capacity is low then that will be a problem for you as you will have to look for other devices. Storage not only helps you in saving your data but also gives a plus point while doing the ranking of any tablet in the market.

Battery life

The battery timing of any device plays an important role. Buy a tablet that has great battery timing. If a tablet has a limited battery timing it will be tough for you. If you work on your tablet then you will need a tablet with battery timing that will last for a long period.



Some tablets only have one camera at the rear. But others have a front camera as well. Both are very good. With the rear camera, you can take good videos as well as videos. With the front camera, you can video call with more ease. So look for the tablet that includes both cameras.



RAM is like a brain. The more RAM the more easily you will be able to perform functions if more than one application is running at one time.


How long is the warranty period and what does it cover.?

The warranty period lasts for 1 year. It covers any technical fault like a Camera lens issue, etc but you can’t claim a warranty on accidental damage (some manufactures provide it too), wear and tear, and on devices that wear off with time like the battery.

Is it Important to use the Original charger and battery only.?

It is recommended to do so but in case you cannot so it’s no issue but make sure to check the accessories’ technical specifications (current, watts) to make sure that the charging time remains the same.

Is it Important to apply a protector on the screen.?

Yes, we recommend that you do so, it acts as protection and will play a vital role in case of a fall. Moreover, we would suggest that you should use the glass one as the plastic ones (preinstalled sometimes) are good for keeping the dust away from the screen.

Is it Important to apply a back cover.?

 We recommend that you do so your device is protected from scratches and dents. In case you feel like it gets heavy then you can opt for skin too but it won’t be as effective as the cover itself. Both the cover and skin will also help you keep the dust away from the body

Can we keep the tablet connected to charging once it is fully charged.?

A5. There is no harm in doing that as the latest tablets are capable of operating through the current provided once fully charged. Just make sure you have a stable electricity supply.

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