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Best Low Light Cameras For Night Photography

The best low light cameras are the ones that don’t rely on a flash to take pictures. That means they’re able to capture more details in the foreground and background of your picture while still being able to see what you want them to capture.

There are plenty of options for high-quality, affordable low light cameras out there, so it’s worth it to do some research before making a purchase.

A decade ago, capturing images in low light was considered a difficult task. Capturing with ISOs triple-digit was uneasy as well.

In this article, we have compiled up all the Best Low Light Cameras You Can Purchase. Now ISO settings like 3200 and 6400 are offered by every manufacturing company.

Capturing flattering yet enigmatic shots in low light is an easy feat now with the progression in the field of photography.

But, there’s a catch. To capture these low light images you need a camera that fulfils all the requirements for low light capturing. So for this, we have listed down Best Low Light Cameras You Can Purchase 2021.

The best point and shoot cameras under $500 are the ones that can provide you with a lot of features without having to spend too much money. We all know that taking the perfect photo is no easy task, but with the best camera under 1000 in hand and the right or rather best camera gear, it just may be easier.

Best Low Light Cameras You Can Purchase

Best Low Light Cameras For Night Photography

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People adapt their passion and use it to earn money for their living. Photography basics is a fun activity that showcases the creative side of you but for this, you need to have a better gadget in your hands.

Videography is also getting very famous these days. To clarify, you don’t need to buy an expensive professional camera for your photoshoots.

You can achieve great results even with medium-range cameras as well. Having a passion for photography is amazing but for this, you might have to need proper tools and gadgets.

From features like an efficient and fast working autofocus, fast sensor to high ISO performance and vivid colours, a low light camera needs to be an all in one.

So, if you are looking for a camera that is best for low light capturing then we’ve got it covered for you. Here are some of the best low light cameras for you to purchase. Let’s begin, shall we?

1.Sony A7S III

Sony NEW Alpha 7S III Full-frame Interchangeable Lens Mirrorless Camera
  • 12.1MP1 Exmor R sensor, optimized for 4K, sensitivity and speed
  • New BIONZ XR processing engine delivers 8x more processing power2
  • Low noise images with ISO up to 409,6003 and 15 plus stop dynamic range4

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A true masterclass, Sony A7S III is The best low light camera you can buy as of now. With amazing features all over, it is ideal for low light capturing like during camping or at wedding functions.

With ISO performance through the roof with numbers, the likes of 409,600 A7S III can capture literally anything in the dark human eye is incapable of seeing.

Best Low Light Cameras For Night Photography

The sharpness in images is commendable due to its full-frame capturing. With a dynamic range like no other and astounding 4K video capturing, Sony A7S III ix a vision come true.

Although this model is a video capturing device first, that doesn’t strip down its ability to capture sharp and perfect shots in low light.

2. Nikon D850

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Nikon D850 FX-Format Digital SLR Camera Body
  • Nikon designed back side illuminated (BSI) full frame image sensor with no optical low pass filter
  • 45.7 megapixels of extraordinary resolution, outstanding dynamic range and virtually no risk of moiré
  • Up to 9 fps1 continuous shooting at full resolution with full AF performance

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A master of low light capturing on its own, the Nikon D850 is one of the best DSLR cameras by the company.

A great camera for capturing beautiful low light images, whether it’s indoor or alluring outdoor sceneries. A true contender in all sense to Canon’s 5D Mark IV, D850 can capture images at ISO 1600 that are usable at 3200 as well.

Best Low Light Cameras You Can Purchase

It is capable of locking focus even in complete darkness. With 45.7 megapixels and 7fps, it is extremely suitable for event photographers. Combine it with 4K capturing and effective colours and you’ve got yourself a banger.

3. Canon 5D Mark IV

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Full Frame Digital SLR Camera Body
  • New 30.4 Megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor for versatile shooting in nearly any light, with ISO range 100-32000; expandable up to 50-102400 (equivalent ISO).
  • 4K Motion JPEG video (DCI cinema-type 4096 x 2160) at 30p or 24p; in- camera still frame grab of 4K 8.8-Megapixel images; multiple video options include Full HD up to 60p, and HD up to 120p.
  • Superb Dual Pixel CMOS AF for responsive and smooth AF during video or live view shooting; LCD monitor has a full touchscreen interface, including selection of AF area.

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This all-rounder is the dream of many aspiring photographers and one of the best Canon has to offer. Not one lie in the statement.

The sensor in Canon Mark IV outshines the capture sensor of 5D Mark III, 6D Mark II and other capture sensors by Canon. Now, the department where this camera truly outshines any other camera is its high ISO performance.

Best Low Light Cameras | Best Low Light Cameras For Night Photography

It is truly outstanding in this feature and tough competition to all the other low light cameras on this list.

The ISOs reach a whopping 12800. If you are an aspiring wildlife photographer or wedding photographer, then you are doing yourself a favour by purchasing this one.

Capturing moments in the dark is made quite easy with Canon. You won’t be disappointed, that’s for sure!

4.Nikon D750

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Nikon D750 FX-format Digital SLR Camera Body
  • Full frame 243 megapixel CMOS image sensor and expeed 4 image processor
  • Full HD 60/50/30/25/24p video
  • Built in Wi-Fi connectivity and compatibility with the WT 5a plus UT 1 communication unit

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This one is for the budget-friendly peeps out there. Although it is a bit old, don’t let these tags steer you away from the amazing qualities that Nikon D750 has to offer when it comes to low light capturing.

While it isn’t up to par with D850’s  -4 EV AF, it has -3 EV and is great at autofocusing. D750 also offers high ISO performance with sleek images at 1200.

Best Low Light Cameras You Can Purchase

Although there will be noise at 3200 and will increase at 6400 it still offers great low light images for people who are beginners and are going for budget-friendly options.  

Although there is no touch screen and 4K video, it offers a full-frame of 24.3 megapixels and 6.5 fps as well. In conclusion, it is a great purchase for beginners who want to experiment with low light capturing.

5. Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark IV

Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark IV Black Body with Black M.Zuiko Digital ED 14-42mm F3.5-5.6 EZ Lens Kit
  • 20 MP Live MOS Sensor
  • Always-on connection and background connection via Bluetooth & OI Share Smartphone app
  • Flip-down monitor and dedicated Selfie mode. Selfie mode automatically turns on when monitor is flipped down

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Oh boy, all the cameras on this list make me want to get up and buy one for me right away. This DSLR by Olympus is one of the best that is offered and is budget-friendly too.

With great and easy to handle functions, this is a purchase ideal for individuals interested in low light photography. If that is you then I would strongly recommend that you read our guide on the best camera for night photography.

Best Low Light Cameras You Can Purchase

This model offers a large MFT range focus ideal for low light surroundings. It has impressive image stabilization controls and colour bursts.

This is a model that offers some practising is super easy to use. It is seemingly lightweight as well deeming it convenient to carry around while travelling. With this information, you’ll be able to choose the best Low light camera option for you!

6. Nikon Z6 II

Nikon Z 6II FX-Format Mirrorless Camera Body Black
  • Mirrorless versatility on a whole new level. 24.5MP BSI resolution that excels in low light. 14 FPS suitable for fast action. 4K UHD Video performance at its best.
  • Full frame. Full pixel readout. Full featured 4K UHD Video. Top of the line video performance with 4K UHD 60p using full pixel readout and a host of outstanding features for serious videographers....
  • Dual card slots (CFexpress/XQD plus UHS-II SD). Flexibility and peace of mind when shooting important moments or on assignment, such as wedding and event photography. Comfortable. Durable. Intuitive....

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If there is one thing that we can’t deny, it’s that Nikon never really holds back when it comes to churning out products ideal for photography. Nikon Z6 II is just the right option for people who are interested in low light photography.

Best Low Light Cameras You Can Purchase

This camera offers high ISO capability and minimum sound at the highest of ISOs that are offered. Although the megapixels offered here are 24 which are low if compared to 45 megapixels Z7 II, the low light capturing is still perfectly adequate and offers clean and sleek images.

The autofocus is amazing and the Z lens mount is sleek! The only issue that can be improved is its battery life that can be a bit longer.

7. Panasonic Lumix S5

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Panasonic LUMIX S5 Full Frame Mirrorless Camera, 4K 60P Video Recording with Flip Screen & WiFi, LUMIX S 20-60mm F3.5-5.6 Lens,...
  • A LIGHTWEIGHT, POWERFUL HYBRID CAMERA FOR VIBRANT STILL PHOTOGRAPHY AND CINEMATIC VIDEO: Realize your creative vision with extraordinary 4K 60p, 10-bit video, FHD 180fps Slow Motion option as well as...
  • DETAILED PHOTO AND VIDEO THAT WILL DELIGHT ENTHUSIASTS AND EXPERTS ALIKE: Capture content in impressive high quality with 96MP High Resolution mode, Dual Native ISO to minimize noise in high...
  • IMPROVED, HIGH-PRECISION AUTOFOCUS AND POWERFUL IMAGE STABILIZATION: Improved autofocus includes detection of the head as well as eyes, face and body, to capture subjects with ease and precision....

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This low light camera is ideal for travellers who move around a lot and have a passion for capturing. The mirrorless feature from the Panasonic cameras is at its best in this version.

Best Low Light Cameras You Can Purchase

A full-frame sensor with an incredible ISO range of up to 51,200 and a mirror lens is all packed in a small portable and lightweight body.

As expected, the video capturing is great as well with features like 4K 60p video capturing the present. Truly a jack of all trades.

8. Canon Powershot G1 X Mark III

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Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark III Digital Camera - Wi-Fi Enabled
  • 24.2 Megapixel CMOS (APS-C) sensor.
  • 3x zoom Lens (24-72mm) with optical image stabilizer.
  • Dual pixel CMOS AF with phase-detection.

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Canon has been releasing great models one after another and this one is no exception. It’s as good of a low light camera as its contenders.

With an impressive dynamic range and high ISO capturing capability and a sophisticated but large sensor, this camera is here to stay.

Best Low Light Cameras You Can Purchase

The autofocus feature in Canon Powershot makes it ideal for low light photography. One helpful feature that really caught my attention was that it can be charged via USB as well.

Its weather-sealed body is another plus point if you are interested in Street photography. All in all, this one is a great purchase that you don’t want to miss out on!

9. Fujifilm X-T30

Alienware m17 R4, 17.3 inch FHD (Full HD) Gaming Laptop - Intel Core i7-10870H, 16GB DDR4 RAM, 1TB SSD, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 6GB...
  • 17.3-inch FHD (Full HD 1920 x 1080) 360Hz 5ms 300-nits 100% sRGB color gamut with NVIDIA-GSYNC technology
  • 10th Generation Intel Core i7-10870H (8-Core, 16MB Cache, up to 5.0GHz Max Turbo Frequency)
  • 16GB 2933MHz DDR4 , 1 TB PCIe SSD

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An impressive masterclass to conclude this list, Fujifilm X-T30 is here to impress. As a budget-friendly model, this camera offers great JPEGs and impressive RAWs.

Don’t let its size fool you, there is a lot packed in this small body. With a sleek design, this camera also offers access to X lens efficiency in autofocus and low light photography.

Best Low Light Cameras You Can Purchase

Due to the brilliant JPEGs, the images will come out vivid and crisp. Even though the absence of in-body stabilization is bothersome, it does not hinder its overall value much.

At such a friendly price, this is a win-win situation for both parties! Stay tuned for more articles on the Best camera under different price ranges and features.

How to choose low light camera

Cameras that excel at low light or rather purposed for night photography are digital cameras that can capture clear images of dark environments.

A camera’s ability to perform well in the dark is determined by its sensor size, ISO range and aperture rating.

A small sensor does not allow for as much light intake and requires a longer exposure time and higher ISO rating than a larger sensor. High ISO ratings affect image quality, particularly graininess or “noise.”

The aperture rating of a camera determines the amount of light allowed into the lens at any given time.

The lower the aperture rating, which usually goes down as numbers get smaller (f/2.8 as opposed to f/4), the less light is directed toward the sensor and vice versa. Additionally, the larger the aperture area is, the more light is allowed to enter.

The best cameras for night photography are high ISO cameras with high aperture ratings that have large sensors.

A good way to tell how well a camera performs in dim conditions is by looking at its shutter speed range. The longer the exposure time, the better it will perform in low light.

Our Conclusio On Best Low Light Cameras

It is not always easy to find the best low light cameras. We’ve collected some of the top models on the market and helped you narrow down your search with our buying guide for people who often shoot at night or in more challenging conditions.

Have a look through this list, make sure you read about each camera’s specifications carefully, and see which one suits your needs!

If there are any questions that we didn’t answer in this article, don’t hesitate to leave them below. Thank you for reading!

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