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The Best Drones for Kids: A Buying Guide

Drones are the latest craze for kids of all ages. They’re fun, new, and surprisingly affordable. With so many on the market today, it can be hard to know which is best for your child.

That’s why we’ve compiled this list of some of the best drones on the market today. These models have everything from beginner-friendly designs to high-tech features that will thrill even older kids.

There are many different types of drones for kids to choose from, but the best ones are those that will be both fun and safe Check out our list below and find one that suits your needs.

The Best Drones for Kids:

Best Drones for Kids | best kids drones |

As matter of fact, there are too many drones on the market and becomes hard when choosing the right one. You will have to do lots of research and testing to come up with the best pick.

However below are our top 3 best kids drones;

  • Best Overall: DJI Mavic Mini Drone
  • Best For teens: DJI Mini 2
  • Best budget: Ryze Tech Tello

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1.DJI Mavic Mini Drone; Best drone for kids

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DJI Mini is the best drone that we can recommend for kids. This drone is suitable for children’s who are above 8 years old. Although supervision is required until your child knows how to fly a drone.

DJI has created the ultimate new-age drone with just upgraded features to its original Mavic Pro – Mavic Mini.

This is a lightweight aircraft that weighs under 250g which is 100 less than the weights of other popular consumer drones in this category.

The DJI Mavic Mini gives you up to 30 minutes of flight time with a fully charged battery, enabling short spurts in between charges.

It also comes ready for work with an above-average camera that shoots 12MP photographic images and films 2.7K movies in crystal clear quality.

A 3-axis motorized gimbal ensures your photo or video footage is smooth and stable all day long without shakes or blurriness ruining it.

  • Easy to use
  • Quality footage and photoes
  • Good flight time
  • Slightly expensive
  • Not too good for tough flights

2.DJI Mini 2; best drone for teens

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This DJI Mini 2 drone is a nice choice for kids, however, its specifications suit well for a teenager.

Small drones are all the rage, but not everyone needs a bulky piece of equipment to capture their surroundings.

The DJI Mini 2 is designed with similar technology as the larger models in that it’s easy to fly and can be used for professional photography.

At less than 249 grams, this one of the best camera drones will suit any traveller. Less weight means you won’t need any special training or licensing either; most people will easily (and undoubtedly) take to flying this lightweight model.

Capture cinematic videos for Facebook posts or Instagram stories – the Mi ni2 has everything you need, including a 4K video at 30 frames per second and a 3-axis motorized gimbal so images stay smooth even when you shake up things during the filming.

I have included this because most teens love photography and being on social medial. therefore they can floss with it in a special style.

  • Quality camera options
  • Nice flight time
  • Quality and stylish build
  • Can not handle too harsh and rough flights

3.Ryze Tech Tello

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This is one of the best quadcopters that shoot crisp photos and videos from the sky, whether you know how to fly or not.

Equipped with a high-quality processor as well as an antenna to make video transmissions extra smooth, it has all the features of a professional drone at your kid’s disposal. 

Camera quality includes 5MP stills and HD720 videos for 13 minutes of uninterrupted airborne footage per charge.

The Tello lasts longer than most drones on the market today. You or your child will never have to stop in the middle of filming just because it needs more juice or rather a charge.

With two antennas there is no lag between what you see out in front of you and what appears on your smartphone screen so flying doesn’t get frustrating at any point.

This drone is the most recommended drone for kids but it’s not as powerful as the DJI Mavic mini and also DJI mini 2 drone.

  • Quality pictures & footage
  • Easy to use & Fly around
  • Its affordable
  • Does not come with a contoller
  • Limmitted flight time of about 13 mins only

4.Altair AA108 drone

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The Aerial AA108 is a new and improved drone with a 720P camera and a 1-button takeoff and landing.

Altair takes drone flying to the next new level by including features such as Headless Mode, Altitude Hold, and Real-time Video of your flight on your phone so you can see what you’re doing before you’ve even taken off.

This easy to fly quadcopter is for all skill levels, kids who want footage without crashing their toy into things or pro pilots looking for an economical way to make a video every time they go out.

The Altair AA108 drone is a great drone for beginners and those looking to master their skills.

With indoors and outdoors modes, wearers of the headset can explore high-speed FPV (First Person view) with obstacles avoidance.

This toy has crash resistance making it safe to use even during learning stages outside. It’s worth considering this drone for your kid. I comfortably recommend the Altair AA108 drone as one of the best drones for kids.

  • Easy take off & landing mode
  • Two battery packs
  • Quality camera
  • limited features
  • Limited flight time per battery

5.SANROCK U52 Drone

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Yet another best drone for kids, the SAN ROCK U52 drone, a professionally built, easy-to-fly device with a 1080HD camera.

Featuring one-button take-off and landing, automatic return to home, altitude hold and headless mode, the U52 makes flying drones for beginners a piece of cake.

The high-quality video footage from this sleek grey drone will leave you feeling eager to explore vast expanses in search of new adventures.

Possibly the best part about this model is that it broadcasts FPV into your smartphone or tablet so you never have to miss anything even if you’re exploring faraway locations.

Nothing but the best for these young pilots. The SANROCK U52 is a drone made specifically for kids who are looking for something interesting, fun, and easy to fly.

The camera on this drone captures high-quality footage that can be enjoyed anywhere.

With 360° flips and rolls, a circle fly makes the fly more attractive. From height 3 meters up to 6 meters which has safety mode you don’t worry about control your drone runaway or fall down accidentally.

  • Lightweigh
  • Simple flight modes
  • Better camera
  • Fpv capabilities
  • Limitted pro fetures
  • Limmited flight time

6.Potensic A30W RC Mini Quadcopter

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Teach your kids how to have fun with a toy that is smart and safe. With intelligent altitude hold mode, they’ll be focused on the task at hand instead of distracted by worrying about losing control. 

The Potensic A30W RC Mini Quadcopter is a great way to get your child interested in robotics and drones at an early age.

They will find this mini drone easy to fly thanks to the 3 different speed settings plus altitude hold mode for stability.

The 720p camera comes complete with a first-person view, the live video feed on a smartphone or tablet that allows them to fly without crashing into things by getting a better perspective of what’s going on around them as they navigate the obstacle course hoops from afar.

The Potensic A30W RC Mini Quadcopter for kids is a great gift idea for children between the ages of 5 and 12 years.

The drone comes equipped with everything kids would need to take it out for a fly, including an app that allows remote control from as far as 100 feet away.

The Potensic A30W has easy-to-operate safety features to keep worries off parents minds.

It also offers FPV viewing so you can see what your child sees from the sky! For those involved in a certain level of adventure, this product may be just what you’re looking for.

  • Portable & Cheap
  • Easy to use
  • Qulity camera
  • FPV capabilities
  • Limitted flight time
  • Easy to break

7.Potensic P7 Mini Drones for kids

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You won’t believe your eyes when you see these things take flight. They are so much fun to use.

Their small size means you can fly them indoors if there isn’t any wind. Let the kids run around the house and chase it down until they manage to shoot it out of the sky.

The drone has 3 speeds (normal, medium & high) and flipping mode (backward, forward). Its compact remote controller allows for stable flying almost anywhere or anytime.

With immersive FPV flying, this mini drone is controlled by the user through an app on their smartphone.

It’s accurate and easy to use, but lightweight for young kids (read: little hands that can only hold one end of a full-sized controller) without sacrificing control surfaces or range.

There are three speeds available with varying degrees of agility, which lets you choose between going fast and being harder to manoeuvre all the way up to controlling a slow behemoth.

This makes it possible for little pilots to learn at their own pace as they grow more adept at this tricky piece of machinery.

To combat low battery life issues, two features have been installed: The drone will seamlessly land itself when it reaches its predetermined altitude OR has been out of control for more than three seconds.

  • Long range & live feed capabilities
  • High speeds and agility settings, including 360 flips!
  • Landing protection system.
  • Limmited battery life/ Flight time
  • Can break easily

Buying Guide for The best kids drones

Buying Guide for The best kids drones | Best Drones for Kids | best kids drones

Drone flying is one of the most enjoyable activities out there. It’s great for both adults and children, providing hours of fun at a relatively low cost.

But buying drones can be challenging since there are many different types on the market with an equally large number of options to choose from.

This guide will provide you with all necessary information about kids drones that are suitable for young pilots as well as their parents who want to have some control over where their children fly them or what they do while being in the air.

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Things for considering before buying kids drones

When it comes to buying kids drones, there are a few things that you should consider before making your final decision.

1. Purpose of use

Purpose of use | Buying Guide for The best kids drones | Best Drones for Kids | best kids drones

The first thing is the purpose of use for which you want to buy them. You can choose from three major categories depending on what they will be used for: recreational, educational and racing drone kits. Each type has its own advantages so make sure to take this into consideration when deciding which one suits your needs best.

  • Recreational drones are usually much cheaper than other types but at the same time also less durable since young pilots tend not to treat them very carefully while flying or doing stunts with these machines in mid-air. They might break during landing if dropped too often or simply children don’t have enough experience to control them properly.
  • Educational drones are usually recommended for children from about eight years old and they can be a great way of teaching young pilots how to fly drones. They have more advanced features than the previous category, such as autopilot or position hold that makes them easier to control both indoors and outdoors by using only one button.
  • Racing drone kits on the other hand tend to cost significantly more but they also provide much higher performance which is not suitable for beginners who might lose interest in flying altogether after too many crashes with these machines. These types of drones can go up to 80 mph so it’s best if you let your child use them under supervision until he gets some experience first while learning valuable lessons like how important it is to maintain your drone in top shape and how fast you can fly without crashing into something.

2. Ease of use

Once you’ve decided what type of drone meets your needs, the next step is to consider how easy it will be to operate.

There are drones that come with only one button so they are very simple for children or beginners to use while others require much more complicated controls which might result in crashes if not driven properly.

You should start looking for drones that have altitude hold function which makes them easier and safer to fly by locking their position at a certain height no matter where you point the camera on your smartphone screen.

This way young pilots can appreciate views from above without worrying too much about crashing into something since all they need to do is control the direction according to joystick input instead of constantly adjusting the speed when flying forward, backward, up or down.

3. Price of the kid’s drone

The next point to consider is the price of kid’s drones. If you are buying for a very young child, it might be best to go with cheaper options that don’t cost more than $100 or so since they can break relatively easily and therefore also end up costing your family more in repairs than what they were worth.

For children over eight years old, however, it makes sense to spend some extra money on their first drone because this way not only will they have much more fun but also learn how to treat expensive machines properly without risking any damage while still being able to fly them at full force if desired.

4. Battery life

Battery life is another factor that you should think about before buying kids drones. Due to their small size, these machines tend not to have very powerful batteries which can make them fly for only five or ten minutes tops even if they are equipped with a camera and other advanced features.

Since most of our flights take between 20-30 minutes it’s best to buy models with replaceable battery packs so you don’t need to wait too long until they charge again.

It’s also worth investing in an extra pack or two since children often lose interest after flying one drone for too long without switching at all while letting the first one cooldown by landing on your hand instead of continuing its flight around your backyard as planned originally.

5. Availability of Cameras and Other Features

Another point to consider is whether or not you want your kid’s drone with a camera and how much extra money it will cost.

If the answer is yes, then you should also think about what type of flying machine best suits their needs in terms of flight time and ease of operation since drones with cameras tend to be more expensive than those without them while having a shorter battery life as well.

It’s, therefore, better if young pilots learn how to fly by using simple models first before moving on to more advanced ones so they do not lose interest prematurely when things get too complicated.

Although this might sound like we are discouraging children from learning how to fly drones correctly, we actually believe that safety comes first and it is never worth risking harm to anyone, especially very young children who might not be able to react as quickly or properly in certain situations.

Although it will cost you a bit more initially, we recommend that kids drones with the best camera capabilities should only be flown by older teenagers and adults since their higher price can bring serious damage if handled improperly.

6. Safety features

We recommend checking out drones with collision detection systems that are able to fly away before crashing into an obstacle nearby.

This is especially important for children who might be tempted to push the limits and fly their drone as low or fast as possible without considering the risks involved in doing so, no matter how good they get at controlling it eventually.

Another thing we would like you to keep in mind when looking for kids drones is if they have altitude hold function since this feature will make your flights safer and easier by locking their position at a certain height no matter where you point the camera on your smartphone screen.

7. Portability.

This is probably the last thing to consider when buying drones for kids but it can be very important when you are out hiking or camping in the woods.

Size and weight are factors that should definitely play a role in your decision-making process because children tend to have less strength than adults which means they might struggle with carrying heavier machines around even if their flight time is long enough.

On this note, we recommend buying units that weigh less than five pounds since anything over this amount will quickly become too heavy to carry while also being bulky at the same time so there’s no practical way of fitting them inside small backpacks or purses either.

Our Conclusion on the Best Drones for Kids

Conclusion paragraph: The best drones for kids are the ones that can be flown indoors and outdoors without getting damaged.

These types of drones will also have a camera, so your child can take photos or videos from up in the sky. With these features, you won’t need to worry about buying extra equipment for filming footage because it comes with everything they need right out of the box.

There is no better way to motivate your little one than by letting them experience what it feels like to fly their own plane through the air.

It’s an amazing feeling when something takes off into flight and you get a sense of control over where it goes next – which is why we recommend this type of drone as being perfect for any kid who has dreams about flying.

In fact, we have a detailed guide proving that drones are a good gift idea for kids feel free to read the guide.

Best Kids Drones FAQ’s

What age should a kid get a drone?

It can be difficult to answer this question, as it really depends on the kid. Drones are used for a number of different activities and hobbies so there is no set age that is right or wrong for getting one.

As long as they have some kind of supervision when using their drone then giving them one will not cause any harm. However, most toy drones are recommended for 8 years and above children.

Are drones suitable for kids?

Drones are suitable for kids if they have some kind of supervision when using them.

Most toy drones are recommended for children aged eight years and above but this varies depending on the drone in question.

In addition to this read, the guide Are Drones Good Gifts for Kids?

What are good kids drones?

The best drone to get as your child’s first one would be something that will not break easily and can fly indoors safely, so it does not matter what happens with it or where you use it.

A cheaper option would also be better, especially since most parents do not want their kid’s expensive toys getting broken quickly.

For these reasons, we recommend starting off by purchasing something like the Hubsan X-H107L Mini Drone. This is quite reasonably priced still provides great features.

Amazon Bestselling Drones for kids:

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