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Are gaming laptops better than regular laptops? (2021 Guide)

There are a number of reasons why gaming laptops might be better than regular Best laptops, but there are also many reasons to buy a regular laptop.

Today we’re going to answer the question are gaming laptops better than regular laptops?

Gaming Laptops vs Regular Laptops is not an easy question to answer, since the answer depends on your personal needs and preferences.

In this article, we will compare the two types of computers in order to help you decide which type is right for you!

The first thing to think about is what you plan to do with your laptop. If you are looking for a laptop primarily for work, then buying a regular computer might make the most sense because of its cheaper price tag and more powerful hardware.

On the other hand, if gaming is one of your top interests or hobbies – whether that be through streaming games on Twitch or playing them yourself – then it will likely make sense for you to buy a gaming laptop.

Gaming Laptops are Usually intended for heavy tasks like video gaming that are both GPU and CPU intensive unlike the regular laptops that are used for many purposes like;

  1. Work laptops
  2. Streaming Laptops
  3. Student laptops

Overpowered Gaming laptops tend to have much faster graphics cards and processors which means they can easily handle heavy multitasking such as running many apps at once- essential features for gamers! Of course, there are some drawbacks when compared to regular computers too:

Gaming Laptops vs Regular Laptops:

There are a lot of things and factors that make gaming laptops different from regular laptops. Having the knowledge and the know-how about these two laptops will place you in a better situation when making buying decisions.

That’s why it’s crystal clear that are gaming laptops better than regular laptops being one of the most common questions asked by many people.

So, buckle your seat and hold tight as I explain everything about gaming laptops and regular laptops.

1. Difference between RAM of a gaming laptop and a normal laptop

Difference between RAM of a gaming laptop and a normal laptop | Are gaming laptops better than regular laptops? | Gaming Laptops vs Regular Laptops

There are lots of considerations between gaming laptops and regular laptops when we compare them using RAM as one of the most important features for both.

The gaming laptops are designed to offer powerful computing capabilities and a CPU that can handle heavy tasks such as video games.

This means they will have a lot more RAM onboard than you might find in your standard laptop- with some models even offering up to 32GB or 64GB! (incredibly fast)

That’s also not including an additional memory card slot which is another thing that many gamers love about their laptops.

On the other hand, regular computers usually only come with around 16GB of RAM so it’s clear how much better these gaming machines compare when looking at just one feature alone.

2.Gaming laptop Vs regular Laptop: GPU

Difference between GPU of a gaming laptop and a normal laptop | Are gaming laptops better than regular laptops? | Gaming Laptops vs Regular Laptops

Gaming laptops are more powerful than regular laptops because they have a separate graphics card or GPU. A typical laptop’s integrated graphics can only handle light games such as Facebook and other social media apps.

If you want to play high-end AAA titles like Grand Theft Auto V or The Witcher III: Wild Hunt then you will need a gaming laptop with a discrete GPU.

In contrast, the average desktop PC has an even better CPU but no dedicated video card so it is weaker for playing demanding modern releases on higher resolutions – although this depends very much on which one of these two devices you place in your home office environment.

3.The Difference in cooling System between a Gaming and a regular laptop

The Difference in cooling System between a Gaming and a regular laptop

A regular laptop cooling system is not designed for handling the high-end performance of a gaming laptop.

The ventilation of this device is not optimized to handle higher power consumption and heat dissipation rates, which often lead to overheating issues that can damage your hardware in no time at all.

A regular laptop’s cooling system features an air fan that blows hot air away from the CPU or GPU onto other components like the motherboard where it can cool down before being blown out by another vent on the back panel.

A typical gaming laptop tends to have more vents but lacks such sophisticated design as well as eight fans – one right below its screen and seven on top: four intake ones blowing fresh air inside together with three exhaust fans pushing warm air outwards towards their sides panels.

4.The Difference in Screen Technology between a Gaming and a regular laptop

Gamers have the privilege of picking up laptops with IPS panels that provide accurate colour reproduction, wider viewing angles, and much better contrast than TN-based screens.

In comparison to this, many models available on the market still come equipped with old technology: Twisted nematic displays which offer inferior picture quality when compared to their more modern counterparts.

This means you should be wary about what screen type is fitted into your gaming laptop before making your purchase decision.

A display’s resolution can make or break its performance for certain types of games but it also affects battery life since higher resolutions take up more power from a device’s battery pack.

One example where high pixel density is important is on a laptop screen where you want to be able to read the text of an e-book.

5.The Difference in Keyboard Design between a Gaming and a regular laptop

The Difference in Keyboard Design between a Gaming and a regular laptop

Most gaming laptops have keyboards with have more responsive key presses, backlighting (a feature that can also help users playing games at night), or even programmable ones which are designed for typing specific programming languages like Python or C++.

This may sound gimmicky but it makes sense as this device will serve mostly gamers who type often during gameplay sessions. More importantly, they generally come equipped with comfortable chiclet-style keys rather than cheap “brick” designs found on many budget models.

These tend not only to offer better tactile feedback when pressed but also allow for more accurate key mapping when playing games.

6.The Difference in Screen Size between a Gaming and a regular laptop

A gaming laptop’s screen size is usually significantly bigger than the one you’ll find on an average device, which translates into better viewing experiences for gamers who want to enjoy their favourite titles from different angles or at night with reduced blue light exposure.

Screen sizes can range from 11 inches all the way up to 17-inch displays – yet if your budget doesn’t allow for such expensive devices then fret not as there are still some good ones available around 14-inches that should offer enough room for most people without breaking the bank.

Keep in mind though that this figure also depends on what type of display (TN vs IPS) it features.

7.The Difference in Refresh Rate between a Gaming and a regular laptop

Gamers are always on the lookout for displays that offer high refresh rates at least 120Hz – this is required to ensure fluid gameplay with no lag or screen tearing during fast-paced sequences while playing some of the most popular titles out there, such as PUBG or Fortnite.

When it comes to sensitivity requirements, you will be happy to hear that both TN and IPS panels can reach decent levels: 144 Hz vs 240 Hz respectively.

The main difference here is that IPS screens do not suffer from motion blur when panning.

whereas TN ones have higher response times but worse colour reproduction (as they use RGB LEDs instead of white). As a result, these models also tend to be more expensive.

8.The Difference in Size between a Gaming and a regular laptop

The Difference in Size between a Gaming and a regular laptop | Are gaming laptops better than regular laptops? | Gaming Laptops vs Regular Laptops

Gamers will want their laptops to offering as much space on the keyboard for comfortable typing, which is why these models usually come with an extended palm rest that offers at least one inch of extra width when compared to standard ones.

This can range from two inches or so up to three if you are looking into buying larger 17-inch screens – but this also depends on what type of key switches it features (see below).

Those who prioritize portability over comfort should look out for ultrabooks instead: devices available either as slim 13-inches or 15-inch versions while still being able to deliver quality performance thanks to Intel’s latest CPUs.

9.The Difference in Key Switches between a Gaming and a regular laptop

While most gaming laptops will come with either mechanical or membrane keys, not all models are created equal.

The former requires less force to actuate but also have more pronounced tactile feedback while the latter offers better resistance against accidental key presses (which is why they often feature on budget devices).

The main difference here is that membrane designs tend to be cheaper than their mechanical counterparts as these use two sheets of plastic separated by small gaps instead of metal springs.

For this reason, we recommend sticking to such models if you don’t need high-end performance and intend on maintaining your device for many years.

For those who want keyboards designed specifically for typing purposes then our advice would be

Are gaming laptops better than regular laptops in Price?

Gaming laptops are usually more expensive than regular laptops.

It’s important to remember that you are paying for the power and performance of these computers which can be very costly but also worth it if your main interests lie in video games or streaming them on Twitch.

That said, there are a large number of gaming laptop deals out there so make sure you search around before pulling the trigger!

Gaming Laptops vs Regular Laptops: Which One is Better?

So we have now compared some features between gaming laptops and normal ones like we talked about earlier.

To me, it is very clear that gaming laptops are better if you ever intend to play gaming or do some graphic design.

PS: Dell Inspiron 11 3180 review. A Graphic Design Laptop

Now let’s take a look at what makes one better overall- Gaming Laptops vs Regular Laptops ultimately comes down to personal preference because they each have their own benefits and drawbacks.

What You Need To Know:

If you’re considering buying a new computer but aren’t sure if a gaming laptop would be right for you, then there are a few things to think about before making your decision.

First of all, it’s important to know how much money you have available as well as what features are most important to you in the computer that you’ll be using regularly; this will help narrow down which type is better suited for your needs!

Regular laptops usually cost less and they are also more powerful than gaming laptops so if work or school-related tasks take up most of your day then opting for one would probably make sense.

Gaming Laptops on the other hand tend to offer faster processors and graphics cards with higher resolution screens- perfect if playing games is something that interests you! They can often come at a high price tag though which might not seem

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