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Welcome to our affiliate blog! We are excited to have you here. Our site is dedicated to helping you find the best products and services available online.

We round up the best of the best in each category and review them honestly and fairly.

We only recommend products that we ourselves would use, and we are committed to providing you with the most accurate information possible. Thanks for visiting our site.

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The Begining
Birth Of

The Digital Anu

This site started in 2020 although it was an idea long before that. It was created by Anwar A Mzee a friend who wanted to help others find the best products available.

We all have our own areas of expertise, and we use that knowledge to provide helpful roundups and reviews.

We hope that our site will be a valuable resource for you as you shop online. Thanks for visiting!

Why we are the Real tech Addicts?

We are passionate about technology and always on the lookout for the latest and greatest gadgets.

We love to share our findings with others, and we believe that our reviews can help you make informed decisions about which products to buy.

We also think it’s important to have some fun while shopping for tech gear, so we’ll always try to inject a little bit of humour into our posts.

If you’re looking for an honest, unbiased opinion on the latest tech products, you’ve come to the right place.

What sets us apart from other affiliate blogs?

There are a few things that make us unique. For one, we are not afraid to give negative reviews.

If we don’t like a product, we’ll say so. We also write our own original content, rather than just regurgitating information from press releases.

And finally, we always try to add a personal touch to our posts. We want you to feel like you know us, and we hope that our blog feels like a community.

Our Mission & Vission

5+ years of experience and support

Here at The Digital Anu, we’re committed to helping you sort through the vast amount of information available online.

We know that it can be overwhelming, and we’re here to help you make informed decisions about the products and services you choose to use.

We believe in providing accurate, unbiased information, and we’ll always give you our honest opinion.

Our Code of Ethics

We believe in being honest, transparent, and fair. We will never recommend a product that we do not believe in just to make a quick buck.

We are also committed to disclosure, and you can always find a link to our full disclosure policy at the bottom of each post.

Some of our main codes of conduct include;


We believe in being truthful and transparent. If we make a claim about a product, we back it up with evidence.


We will never intentionally mislead our readers. We would rather lose your trust than betray your faith in us.


Our reviews are based on our own opinions and experiences. We do not accept bribes or gifts from companies in exchange for favourable reviews.


Our reviews are based on our own opinions and experiences. We do not accept bribes or gifts from companies in exchange for favourable reviews.


We believe in being honest and transparent. If we make a claim about a product, we back it up with evidence.

Accuracy & Objectivity:

We only recommend products that we ourselves would use.

Founder & CEO

Anwar A Mzee

I am the creator of this site. Currently, I am studying computer science as a carrier. To be open I always wanted to dominate the internet and have something of my own.

I am a tech enthusiast and a game lover, With this, it leads me to open my own gaming parlour where lots of people come and game.

I have so many hobbies one of them being travelling and everything to with outdoor and adventure, I also own a bike blog which is doing quite well.

I either blog, read, work at my parlour or have a nice rest whenever I have some time. The real deal is that I am always committed and doing something all the time.

I created this site because I wanted to help people find the best products available online. I know how difficult it can be to wade through all the nonsense and find something that actually works.

That’s why I decided to put together a team of passionate people who could help me review products and write helpful blog posts.

I hope you enjoy our site, and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Anwar A Mzee

Writer & Editor

Amel Zaeem

Amel Zaeem is a passionate writer and editor who has been actively contributing to the world of technology journalism for over a decade. She believes that as a writer, it is her responsibility to speak up and educate people about the rapidly evolving world of technology.

With an MBA in Information and Technology from Islamabad, Amel has a strong analytical background that has helped her excel in her role as a technology journalist. She has worked with various reputed organizations like The Digital ANU and Rich Technology Group, where she is currently managing major operations.

As a senior writer, Amel is committed to contributing to the permanent development of websites and enhancing her career in this field. She has a keen interest in reading, researching, and writing about technology, gadgets, and gizmos, and always stays updated with the latest happenings in the world of technology.

In addition to her role as a senior writer, Amel also offers her services as a freelance technology writer and is always open to exploring new opportunities. With her passion for writing and her extensive knowledge of technology, Amel Zaeem is a valuable asset to the world of journalism.